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Frequently Read Articles
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How much can be withdrawn from games played with free bitcoins?
Information on withdrawal limits for winnings from games played with free money.
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Steps to take if your withdrawal request is completed but you haven't received your money.
If you have completed a withdrawal request but have not received the money, check your transaction history and wallet's minimum deposit limits before contacting support.
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A guide to withdrawing cryptocurrency on Satoshi Hero
Learn the steps to withdraw your funds from your Satoshi Hero account, including important details about minimum limits and processing times.
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What happens if I deposit my Bitcoins and then withdraw them without playing the games?
We are not a crypto mixer, so we have a minimum wagering requirement that you'll need to comply with.
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A comprehensive table of the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts split by currency and payment method
This article provides a detailed table of the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts for each currency and payment method available at Satoshi Hero, including native, ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-2, BEP-20, and Faucetpay. This guide is intended to help users plan their transactions and avoid any confusion regarding the minimum amounts required for each currency and payment method.
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Fees for deposits and withdrawals
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Reasons and solutions for delayed deposit.
This article explains common reasons why a deposit may not have been credited to a user's account at Satoshi Hero and provides tips on how to resolve the issue, including contacting customer support with the necessary information.
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A guide to depositing cryptocurrency on Satoshi Hero
Learn how to deposit cryptocurrency on Satoshi Hero with this step-by-step guide, which includes selecting your currency, choosing the right deposit method, sending the correct amount, and waiting for confirmation.
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What is SXT and why is it important?
Here we describe the basic concept of SXT and how it works.
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Converting, Spinning and Playing
Learn about the different ways you can use your SatoshiHero Tokens (SXT) on the website.
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Understanding the Exchange Rate for SatoshiHero Token (SXT)
Learn about the fixed exchange rate for SXT, which is tied to the US Dollar at a rate of 1 USD = 10,000 SXT.
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Sources of SXT (SatoshiHero Token) on Satoshi Hero
Learn where you can obtain SXT, the in-game currency used on Satoshi Hero.