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Turbo Games Slots Review in 2024

Turbo Games is one of the most reputable iGaming organizations launched in 2021, offering quality quick-win games to the international market. The developer has opened divisions in Kyiv and Cyprus, where specialists with extensive experience and knowledge in the industry work. Experts are creating new gaming technologies that guarantee transparency and simplify the gaming industry's use of crypto coins and blockchain systems. Turbo Games operates in European countries, South Africa, and India, as the company sees the most significant potential in these regions.

The main types of entertainment that the developer offers are Crash games, Mine games, and Wheel of Fortune games. All slots are adapted for mobile gadgets and PCs based on Windows or macOS, which means that they look as bright on a small smartphone screen as on HD monitors. The studio releases one game every month, so its portfolio includes about 30 games, but this number will increase in the future.

Gameplay in all games is smooth and intuitive to allow users to enjoy their favorite slots on the go. The developer abandoned standard digital products with 3 or 5 reels, offering users entertainment with unique mechanics and generous payouts.

However, the developer does not create all Turbo Games games from scratch. For example, entertainment such as Wicket Blast and Spin Strike are based on cricket and the Indian Premier League. The most popular game in the portfolio remains Crash X, and the studio's developers claim that crash slots are the most popular. Nowadays, users are focusing their attention on provably fair games.

Turbo Games focuses on the following topics:

  • Racing: the racing theme is close to this provider's heart, and the game Limbo Rider is a prime example. This entertainment features an exciting 3D racing track and unforgettable gameplay.

  • Sports: the developer takes a creative approach to creating slots, often choosing a sports theme. These games allow users to experience the thrill of competition and achievement. The most exciting slots in this category are Crash X Football Edition and Ball&Ball, which feature realistic graphics that bring sports to life so players feel part of the action.

  • Battles: Turbo Games is an expert in creating exciting battle-themed Turbo Games slots for gamers worldwide. Original graphics, authentic game mechanics, and many bright moments during the battle convey its tense atmosphere.

The developer strives to achieve several goals: introduce modern technologies to achieve the maximum level of transparency and actively use crypto coins and blockchain tools.

Turbo Games slot machines have the highest return rate (up to 99%), which creates significant potential for users who want to win big prizes. The developer's games support several languages and allow you to place bets in fiat and crypto coins.

With its unique gaming formats, Turbo Games has earned a reputation as a significant innovator in iGaming. The provider has achieved major success in just a year of activity, as evidenced by many partnership agreements with the most extensive online casino operators and many positive user reviews. With Turbo Games' unique gaming experience and ever-growing portfolio of digital products, this developer will no doubt continue to delight users for years to come.

Since its founding, the developer has established itself as a leader in crash games. His passion is creating creative digital products that attract experienced users and newbies to online casinos. Despite the lack of awards, the company's unique digital products attract the attention of gaming industry veterans, which makes the developer famous and opens the way to awards. Considering the company produces quality products and its popularity is constantly increasing, it is only a matter of time before these games receive the prizes they deserve.

Turbo Games slot game features

Turbo Games is the ideal partner for crypto casinos. When we describe the unique functionality of the developer's games in more detail, you will understand the reasons for the popularity of such gaming software. The ideas of the company's specialists go beyond standard themes and options. Let's talk about what makes Turbo Games' digital products so vibrant and exciting:

  • Variety of digital products: the developer offers standard Turbo Games slots, table games, and other types of entertainment. Its portfolio is distinguished by unique themes, luxurious graphics, and exciting gameplay that can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding users.

  • Provably fair gaming: it is a concept in which users can verify their winnings and losses through a blockchain system. The game's outcome is random and based on smart contracts; any human intervention is excluded. By implementing cryptographic encryption tools, the gambling website and the user's device generate random strings of numbers. Gamers receive a key to check the results. If the results are the same as in the slot, this confirms the fairness of the gameplay.

  • Exciting gaming features: the company believes it can expand its target audience by adding unique gaming options. The games feature bonus rounds, free spins, and favorable odds, making the gameplay more exciting and increasing user engagement.

  • Technological advances: Turbo Games uses the latest technology to ensure a unique gaming experience. The company's gaming content features advanced graphics, smooth animated details, and unusual sound effects, attracting many users.

  • Targeting an international audience: Since the company creates digital products for a wide range of users, its games are translated into various languages, including English, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc.

  • Ability to bet in cryptocurrencies: Since the developer focuses on creating provably fair content, you can bet on crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, etc.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Turbo Games games are created with cross-platform compatibility in mind. Whether you prefer a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can easily enjoy the brand's digital products on your platform, ensuring accessibility and convenience. The best part is that you don't need to download additional software. You can use any gadget running iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry operating systems to access games and a full range of functions. Graphics, sound, and animation of the same quality as on PC are also available on mobile devices.

  • The highest level of reliability and security: all drawing results are honest and fair; in addition, no one can access users' data.

  • Demo versions available: each game offers a free mode so that users can test the gameplay, understand the rules, and develop a winning strategy.

  • Constant technical support: if you have any questions about the operation of slot machines or problems with slots, you can consult specialists. Technical support is available 24 hours daily, even on weekends and holidays.

  • Intuitive design: all Turbo Games games have simple navigation and plots, so you don't need special knowledge or skills to play. Even a beginner will understand how to place a bet, go through the gameplay, and receive payments.

When it comes to uniqueness, Turbo Games doesn't disappoint. Some entertainments have a multiplayer option, which means you can play them in a fun company. Some slots do not have the paylines and reels standard for digital gaming products. Instead, users go on an exciting journey where they will determine the payout amount. Because some games have odds and selections that provide a more profound experience, such a software provider that regularly introduces new entertainment does a great job of keeping things exciting.

Turbo Games wins the hearts of users worldwide and, at the same time, increases its partners' income.

Turbo Games Games slots

Turbo Games understands the importance of creating games users want to play daily. To keep interest in their entertainment high, experts carefully select the theme and graphics; this allows the stories and characters to be conveyed realistically. Thanks to the careful work of the developers and attention to every element, each game receives an unusual flavor, so players experience new emotions during each launch. Let's look at the Turbo Games games:

  • Dogs Street: we cannot imagine life without cats and dogs, but in this game, the dogs are the winners, and the cats, on the contrary, are the losers. Dogs Street is a simple and fun game from the developer Turbo Games. First, you must place a bet and then safely launch the slot. On a 5*5 playing field, you must open windows; if a dog is there, you win. You see payout odds in real-time.

  • Bayraktar is a simple game where the user must destroy the maximum number of targets without missing them. The user can withdraw capital after each successful detection or use the autoplay function, where different indicators can be selected. After each destroyed target, the user sees data regarding the remaining enemies on the screen, the risk of a miss, and the reward size for crushing the next target. The more enemies you kill, the greater the winnings.

  • Crash X: everyone loves addictive crash games because they are the most straightforward entertainment with minimal strategies. All that is required from the user is to withdraw money before the aircraft or rocket crashes. In Crash X from Turbo Games, you will be transported into outer space, where beautiful planets of different colors surround you. You can place several bets at the same time. There are no restrictions on the maximum multiplier, but you must ensure that the astronaut leaves the rocket before the crash; otherwise, you will not receive a payout.

  • Turbo Mines: if you are looking for an exciting classic slot, Turbo Mines is the optimal solution. A field of 25 cells appears on the screen, and the user can choose how many bombs will be on it. Don't let your guard down and search diligently for diamonds because the more gems you get, the more money will be credited to your account. With a high payout rate and a payout ratio of 4.9 times the initial bet, this game creates many profit opportunities.

  • Towers: it is an exciting and non-trivial game where you can get a good reward for choosing the suitable cells. Since its first release, this slot has become a favorite in gambling. This game with five difficulty levels is ideal for any user. The game's rules are as simple as possible: you must choose one of four cells, where three are correct. Then, gradually, you move to a more challenging level where only one cell is proper. The original graphics of the Tower are perfectly combined with its unique mechanics because each level brings something new and unexpected.

  • Save the Princess: the game includes seven stages the user must go through to achieve their goal and save the princess. This road is dangerous because you will meet goblins, dragons, vampires, and death that may appear around the corner, and your game will end. You can use armor, garlic, and a fire extinguisher for protection.

If you want to try Turbo Games slots, but you don't feel confident enough, you can start exploring the demo versions. The system will give you a virtual $1000 to familiarize yourself with the game's plot and functionality and develop your winning strategy. Once you understand the rules, you can switch to playing with real money and hunt for jackpots.

Highest RTP Turbo Games slots

One of the features of Turbo Games entertainment that sets it apart from its competitors is its flexible return rate and volatility. Experienced users note that the developer's entertainment has an RTP range of 95 to 99% and offers additional game levels to reduce user risks. Let's look at the list of Turbo Games slots that promise maximum payouts:

  • Ball & Ball: this game pampers users with the highest RTP of 99%, which is truly impressive. The gameplay is as simple as possible. The user must collect the optimal combination of balls on the line. The payout coefficient depends on how many identical balls appear on the screen. The gamer can evaluate past results and understand how high his chances of winning are. The player then places a bet and selects one of the available options. For example, he may indicate that three identical balls will be drawn, and if he is correct, the bet multiplier will be x3.

  • Bubbles: users have a good chance of bursting their lucky bubble. Do you love ball games? Prepare for a new, exciting journey with an unconventional twist - Bubbles. Such fast-paced, vibrant, and profitable gameplay will keep you on your toes. Your goal is simple: find your lucky bubble and discover the hidden winnings. You can independently choose the field size from 12 to 1010 to plunge headlong into the search for the winning ball. The RTP of this game is 97%.

  • Dice Twice: such a provably fair game is one of the oldest and most sought-after entertainment in the world of crypto slots. Gameplay can occur in two simple ways. The player must select a bet and choose between the desired payouts or winning odds. After completing these actions, the gamer will determine which color he must throw out to win. Players can select odds in the betting table by dragging the green and red slider. There are two betting options: red or green. Throws are made quickly, and the user instantly receives information about their outcome. The RTP of the game is 97.5%.

  • Ladder of rage: the higher you climb, the more generous the payouts you'll receive. Sounds interesting, what do you think? This 13-level game features safe elements and fireballs. The user's task is to reach the highest safe block without colliding with the fireball. Before each climb, the user must determine precisely where to go. Once you get to the floor, the bomb can explode at any moment, which means the end of the game. The user can cash out capital after each successful completion. The game has different difficulty levels, determining the number of dangerous blocks. The RTP of the slot is 97%.

  • Take My Plinko: a product of the active collaboration between Turbo Games and Take My Muffin, it inspires users with its vibrant design. Move the boogers to make them bounce down the playing field until they land on one of the odds cells. Increase your chances of winning with Psycho Booger. Take My Muffin is a popular adult animated series that builds a crypto community through token sales. The RTP of the game is 97.5%.

  • Fast Fielder: plenty of thrills await you in this online cryptocurrency game that combines the excitement of cricket with the proven fairness of dice. Fast Fielder allows users to take part in cricket competitions in unique and simplified ways. Like its predecessor, Dice Twice offers some simple gameplay options and gives users a choice between their preferred payout and their desired odds of winning. The RTP of the slot is 97.5%.

The range of Turbo Games games volatility is wide, so the catalogs include conservative entertainment with minimal risk and unpredictable slots combining significant risk and high reward. You will surely find Turbo Games fun, no matter your playstyle or risk appetite.

Bitcoin Casinos with Turbo Games slots

Today, over 30 casinos have games from the developer Turbo Games in their catalogs. However, since the company is relatively new, we can expect similar entertainment will appear in other gambling clubs soon. It is because the developers provide quick and easy integration with gaming clubs. All partner gaming clubs are fully licensed, regulated, and trusted, so you can register and play without worrying about safety. Let's look at the most popular crypto casinos where you can enjoy Turbo Games slots:

  • Bitcasino.io: this gaming platform has an impeccable reputation and high user ratings. The gaming club was founded in 2014 and is managed by the Coin Gaming corporation. Bitcasino.io offers a wide range of entertainment, including table games, live dealer games, and slot machines from 33 different providers, including Turbo Games. Players can transact with various digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Such tokens can be used to replenish your account and when withdrawing capital. It ensures user comfort and maximum reliability of the gaming club. The casino website has a pleasant design, all the necessary functionality, and a comfortable interface for navigation.

  • MostBet: what started in 2009 as a bookmaker has quickly grown into a global corporation that provides online gambling services in more than 90 countries. The website is translated into two dozen languages and offers many slot machines, card games, roulettes, and live dealer entertainment from various developers, including MostBet. Players can register via email or log in via social networks. The website allows users from different countries to perform financial transactions in their national currency or choose their favorite crypto coins, включая Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc. The casino gives all new users a welcome bonus. At the same time, experienced players can count on weekly cashback, bonus spins, special offers for cryptocurrency owners, favorable conditions for the loyalty program, etc.

  • Casobet: such a gaming club only started operating in 2021 but is already enjoying significant popularity among crypto players. The casino catalogs offer a large selection of games where you can have fun to the fullest, including online slots, table games, and live dealer entertainment from well-known providers such as Turbo Games. The Casobet team employs many experts who want to convey the experience of responsible gambling to their clients. The casino interface is excellent and comfortable for customers. The management of the gaming club managed to create a completely safe and confidential environment for users, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your capital.

  • Casinozer is a gambling club that began operating in 2021; its catalog features more than 3,100 games from the world's most famous developers, including Turbo Games. The owner of the crypto casino is Altacore NV, a relatively new operator in the gaming world. The casino offers lucrative promotions for new users and loyal gamers, including a welcome bonus, free spins, cashback, and a lucrative loyalty program. As for the available payment systems, it depends on the country where the user lives, but the most popular options include Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether Visa, MasterCard, etc. Withdrawals occur in the same way as depositing funds into your account.

Turbo Games is a relatively young gaming software developer who puts all his experience, knowledge, and skills into creating each product. Gamers can get great pleasure from custom graphics combined with exciting game mechanics. All TurboGames games are based on fair algorithms, so users can rest assured that the results are random.

The developer focuses primarily on crypto casinos, while gaming halls can easily add games to their catalogs.

List of the best Turbo Games casinos

These games are supported in the following crypto casinos:

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