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Gamingcorps Slots Review in 2024

Online entertainment is becoming increasingly more popular because of its accessibility and high quality. The latter is mainly achieved thanks to great-quality games developed by software developers in the iGaming industry.

The topic of game providers is extremely important as their work influences the experience of users. Gaming Corps is a provider that is considered one of the most trustworthy and decent in the industry. The company was launched in 2014, and the Gaming Corps slots are fairly popular among users because of the high quality of the software.

Players can find Gaming Corps games of different types, ranging from mine to multiplier games (you can find more about this topic further in the article), and popular slot machines. The bright and colorful Gaming Corps slots from the provider each feature a distinct, identifiable design and an interesting theme with additional features and hidden mini-games.

All of the games are built with HTML5 technology, which ensures smooth performance on any platform, whether it's a laptop, phone, or tablet. Let's check out what features make games by this provider popular and worthy of your attention (and money).

Gaming Corps Slot Game Features

As mentioned, Gaming Corps is an experienced software company, even though, technically, it's not a veteran in the industry. Still, almost 10 years of experience as a gaming provider makes this company stand out and become a trustworthy source of entertainment for many online casinos.

The Gaming Corps company has partnerships with different online casinos. And why wouldn't it? Gaming Corps slots are captivating, adrenaline-infusing, and breathtaking in ways that many other games can't compete even remotely! But what features make Gaming Corps games unique and worthy of gamblers' attention? There are quite a few of them, actually, so stay tuned and keep reading.

So, what does intrigue players in the first place, and what does make them choose a game? Why, slot themes, of course! When it comes to slot themes, Gaming Corps does not play it safe. You'll discover everything from ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece to future sci-fi and fantasy. The Gaming Corps company has slots that will transport you on a treasure hunt with pirates, to magical worlds with wizards and witches, or even into space. Whatever your interests are, Gaming Corps has a theme for you.

Themes are fun, but do you know what's even better when it comes to slot machines? The return to player, or RTP. The RTP in Gaming Corps slots varies each game, but one thing is certain: they're all intended to provide you with a decent chance of winning. Unlike many other companies, Gaming Corps doesn't like to play safe, so to speak, so they offer Gaming Corps slots with rather high RTP percentages.

These often range from 95% to 97% range, which is rather high, given that 95%+ is already considered higher than average. The higher RTP of these games suggests you have a good possibility of achieving some big wins in the long run. Overall, when checking out Gaming Corps slots and placing bets, it seems that the game consistently pays its players. If you're super lucky, you may get higher-than-average rewards, especially if you're playing games with high volatility.

In terms of volatility, Gaming Corps is not afraid to experiment. Some of their slots are as unpredictable as a shaken Coke bottle (don't do it at home), with enormous winnings (even though they aren't as regular as when playing medium to low volatility games).

However, Gaming Corps understands the desire of many gamers to avoid huge losses that may occur when playing highly volatile slots, which is why their collection of games has a diverse volatility set. It all comes down to personal choice. Whether you favor high-risk, high-reward games or you want consistent victories, the Gaming Corps has you covered.

Another appealing thing that attracts attention is the animation and graphics of these slots, as mentioned, people often pay attention to the themes of slots as they want to play something they find interesting. However, when you get immersed in chosen games, you realize that the company creates slots with remarkable animation, graphics, and sound effects. It's clear that software developers at Gaming Corps pay attention to detail, and their brainstorming process when discussing future games must be extremely detailed.

Another vital feature of Gaming Corps games' is diversity in terms of reels, pay lines, and other similar details. Some players prefer slots that pay everywhere on the screen; others like a challenge and want to win by getting the same symbols within a pay line. Recognizing this desire, Gaming Corps has several solutions to offer to fans of online gambling.

Gaming Corps slots come in many shapes and sizes, but many of their games have the conventional 5x3 grid arrangement. It's like slipping on your favorite pair of jeans: familiar and comfy to most players in the industry. The fun thing about slots by this provider is that some of them have pay lines that range from 20 to 100. More pay lines imply more opportunities to win, but they also mean larger stakes, so players are kept in suspense, which is exactly what many enjoy.

In the past, people were satisfied to enjoy slots that had high-quality animation (people were happy when the games weren't lagging). The situation is different today as many players demand fun features, and especially bonuses. Thus, no slot machine can compete if it doesn't have any bonuses. Gaming Corps has slots with scatter and wild symbols that often replace traditional images and lead to bonus games or hidden mini-games.

However, gaming Corps developers don't stop there and introduce other special features and characteristics to make it more entertaining to spin the reels and watch as beautiful symbols cover the screen. Gaming Corps offers one-of-a-kind elements that set their slots apart from the competition.

These peculiarities often include random wilds that appear out of nowhere, huge and pretty symbols that drop directly onto the reels, and cascading symbols that keep the gameplay going. All these features take players' breaths away and make them sit on the edges of their seats, hoping that these special features lead to high payout and jackpots.

Gaming Corps Games Slots

The Gaming Corps company has a wide range of interests in the iGaming industry. Taking a look at their official website, it's clear that they have several interesting solutions, such as follows:

  • Casino slots.

  • Table games.

  • Mine games.

  • Multiplier games (like casino slots, but even better).

  • Bespoke games.

The company also develops video games (not video slots, but actual video games for personal computers). The range of casino slots doesn't seem too big since Gaming Corps has only 13 slots as of 2023.

However, the company makes up for the small number of slots by offering multiplier and mine games. Moreover, Gaming Corps slots have fun features and beautiful graphics. Let's see some of the most interesting gambling options by Gaming Corps.

Angry Elf

This angry elf is unlike the ones you've seen in Tolkien's worlds; this one reminds you of Kreacher from Harry Potter, although he's not even a house elf. This slot is about Nathan-yell (yes, he yells a lot), and he's a 294-year-old elf with an attitude. He drinks and swears a lot, and that's why he got fired by Santa Claus (which did not improve his attitude). That's the theme of the slot.

Even though the slot doesn't have the highest RTP in the collection of the developer (it varies around 96.27%), the machine is still one of the most popular Gaming Corps games, with high ratings and reviews from gamblers. The slot is Christmas-themed, and you can even see the gift factory on the screen.

The slot has a traditional Gaming Corps grid 5x3 and 20 pay lines. If you switch on the sound effects and music, you can enjoy beautiful Christmas carols. The game has several symbols: bonus symbol, free spins, wild symbol, and scatter symbol. You can win up to 4000 bets.

Raging Zeus

This slot is one of the newest in the collection of Gaming Corps slots, as it was released in February 2023. The slot is different from other machines in the software's collection since it doesn't have a traditional 5x3 grid. Instead, it features 6 reels and 4 rows. This combination grants players a total of 4,096 ways to win when placing bets.

As the name implies, the theme of the slot is dedicated to the Greek mythology about the god Zeus who is floating near the screen with symbols. The machine has a medium volatility level, and if you get fortunate, you may win up to 15,000x your wager. The game's betting range appears to be 1 to 50 (depending on the currency in your country) at most online casinos.

Finally, Raging Zeus's default theoretical RTP is 95.72%, which is somewhat below average (although considered high in the industry). However, by selecting the Bonus Buy option, you may increase the game's RTP to 96.35%.

Book Of Pirates

If you love themes about pirates, treasure hunts, and the sea, then you will love this slot machine with reels that are located on a ship. The Book of Pirates slot welcomes gamblers to a fun journey that offers prizes of varying sizes.

As for the gameplay, players must aim to uncover the Cursed book and win the pirate's loot - that's where the best prizes are hidden. The screen is in the form of a mystery map that players must follow to uncover its secrets and win a ton of money.

You must land winning combos on any of the 10 pay lines if you want to win some rewards. The game has a traditional grid for Gaming Corps, which is 5 reels and 3 rows. You win if you have at least three similar symbols on any of the pay lines that go from left to right and begin with the first reel. It seems that the game's RTP varies and can go from 96.11% to 99%.

Aztec Bonus Pot

As the name implies, the game is about an ancient Aztec civilization. The slot takes players to a temple somewhere in the jungle where they can spin the reels and win up to 5,000x of the initial bet.

The interesting thing about this machine is that it has a "Collect" symbol that the system drops directly onto the screen. If the player lands a reward symbol up to 100x on the first four reels and then sees the "Collect" symbol on the fifth reel during the same spin, the player can collect huge winnings.

Landing three temple scatter symbols activates the free spins round. The Bonus Pot feature will be available to gamers during this round as well. Each instant reward symbol that appears throughout the free spins adds to the Bonus Pot, and at the end of the round, players have the opportunity to win all of the prizes.

Aztec Bonus Pot uses the popular features to provide 243 chances to win. The game has a standard 5x3 grid, and winning combos must have 3, 4, or 5 similar symbols. The RTP of this game is 96.44%, so the game offers consistent payouts.

Luke E. Chance and the Book of Luck

If you love Indiana Jones movies or The Mummy, you will enjoy Luke E. Chance and the Book of Luck. Luckily, this game is about winning prizes and not about avoiding getting killed or running away from mummies. The game has a beautiful theme and well-developed symbols, high-graphic, and exciting accompanying sound effects.

When it comes to figures, the RTP typically hovers around the industry average, implying a good chance of winning. However, the good news is that you can win 10,000 times your initial bet, which is huge.

The animation and visuals, however, are where the magic happens. They're like a Hollywood film, with clear images and enthralling symbolism that immerse you in Luke's universe. The grid size is the traditional 5x3, but there's a twist: the number of pay lines can range from 10 to 50, which is higher than the traditional number of 20.

Highest RTP Gaming Corps Slots

Gaming Corps slots are definitely above average when it comes to the RTP percentages of their machines. The developers at Gaming Corps offer slots with varying RTP percentages, but they are often higher than average in the industry.

For instance, the slot is considered to have a high RTP if it's 95%+. Moreover, Gaming Corps also has slots with high volatility, so players can expect truly big prizes. Now, let's see what types of slots with the highest RTP Gaming Corps offer to their fans.

Stormy Witch

If you enjoy crash games with multipliers, such as Aviator by Spribe, you will find it enjoyable to play this high RTP slot by Gaming Corps. This isn't exactly a slot machine, but it's fun to play, and it offers high payouts.

The idea is to make a bet and watch the multiplier increase, which in turn makes your prize bigger. When playing the Stormy Witch, you must complete the flight in order to win a prize without crashing or watching how the witch disappears with your chances of winning.

The game's maximum win is 10,000 times your wager, so you can say that it's the equivalent of hitting a jackpot. When playing, ensure to adjust a bet and claim your rewards with a multiplier before the witch disappears from the screen. The RTP of this game is 97%, which is why we include it on our list even though, technically, Stormy Witch is more of a crash game than a slot machine.

Lucky O'Miner

It's one of the most popular Gaming Corps games out there because of its relatively high volatility, engaging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and an overall fun theme of leprechauns and big wins. One would think that the game is about mining gold in a mine, but luckily, it's an Irish-inspired slot machine with beautiful symbols.

The best part of Lucky O Miner is that you can see a beautiful rainbow on the screen. And do you know why a rainbow is a good sign? Well, everyone knows that leprechauns hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Thus, if you see a rainbow, it means that you've triggered the Pot of Gold feature with an exciting prize.

However, pots of gold are a pleasant surprise, while bombs are not. You must be cautious at all times to avoid walking on the bomb (loss). Lucky O Miner includes a 5x5 structure with 25 field positions. You can withdraw your earnings after each successful step, or you can keep playing in the hope of winning more (or losing if your luck runs out).

Jet Lucky 2

There are two Gaming Corps slots of this theme: Jet Lucky (the original version) and Jet Lucky 2 (an improved and newer version). Let's focus on the shinier toy, as you may want to test the newest gaming option. As you may have already guessed by the name of the slot, it's a type of crash game.

The idea of the game is simple: place one or two bets while the jet is preparing for the flight. You must watch carefully at the sky that shows the multiplier. The multiplier keeps growing as the jet is flying or even taking off higher into the sky.

However, you must be quick and lucky to collect your bets before the jet is hit by a missile, crashes, or explodes because of any other reason. If you fail to do so, you lose. You can place two bets for one round, but be careful to collect them on time. Moreover, the settings enable you to set different bet sizes for these two gambling options.

You may also use controls and switch on the automatic regime to avoid losses. The game has statistics and other data to ensure you bet wisely. The RTP of this game reaches 97%, so we couldn't ignore Lucky Jet 2 and exclude it from our list.


Continuing the trend of describing crash games (or, as some call them, multiplier games), enjoy a Christmas-themed machine Ho Ho HODL. This entertainment option has beautiful graphics and amazing soundtracks. Instead of watching a boring flight of Santa Claus, you get a chance to place a bet, watch his flight, and pray for the multiplier to increase as much as possible before the sleigh is hit.

Similarly to all other multiplier machines, you get a chance to place two bets at once before Santa Claus prepares his reindeer for the flight. Once you see the sleigh on the screen, you have four options: watch the flight and enjoy the multiplier increasing, cancel the bet(s), collect bets, or experience an unfortunate event of the sleigh being hit before you collect Santa being hit.

What sets the game apart is its high RTP of 97% and an interesting bonus feature. As mentioned, Santa Claus may be hit, or you may encounter a bonus feature. That's like a mini-game within the main game. You may get free spins or big rewards. However, evil could win the battle, and you lose everything.

Bitcoin Casinos With Gaming Corps Slots

Unfortunately, there aren't many Bitcoin or cryptocurrency casinos that accept traditional slots. Most of these casinos have to partner with developers that create games specifically tailored to cryptocurrency. The Gaming Corps developer doesn't have Gaming Corps slots that cater to Bitcoin casinos.

However, there is good news. It seems that Gaming Corps has a partnership with one of the leading bookies in the industry, Betsson. Thus, you can find a few Gaming Corps games in this bookmaker slash casino online. The best part is that Betsson accepts cryptocurrencies, so you can enjoy depositing in virtual money.

You may also play Gaming Corps slots at such casinos as Casino Winner, LeoVegas, Mr Green, Live Roulette, Loyal Casino, and other licensed platforms.

List of the best Gaming Corps casinos

These games are supported in the following crypto casinos:

Game categories Gaming Corps offers: