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Belatra Slots Review in 2023

In 1993, Belatra was established in Belarus to produce gaming software, operating systems, and hardware for casinos. The developer keeps up with technological advancements and is interested in boosting operator firms' profitability using marketing tools.

Since the beginning of the decade, Belatra has gained ground in the South American market by actively participating in important international shows, developing, and releasing new products. Belatra and SoftSwiss, a well-known online casino software supplier, engaged in a contract in 2017. The collaboration led to the Belarusian game manufacturer's games launch on the internet market.

The company uses a range of themes and storylines that are particular to each game to blend the mathematics of games with gorgeous images seamlessly. Players worldwide are familiar with the developer's games. Moreover, the developer even has its own fanbase. The information of this company is certified by well-known, internationally renowned laboratories, and it adheres to the highest quality requirements.

Belatra produces various games to any choice. The supplier includes bingo, roulette, card, scratch-off games, and three- and five-reel video Belatra slots. Piggy Bank, 7 Fruits, Book of Doom, European Roulette, 88 Dragons Treasure, and Bank Robbers are some of the most well-liked options. What is more important, the games support several national currencies and are accessible in various languages.

The slot machines strongly emphasize having a wide range of tales and bonus rounds. The bonus tours are two-level in several of the company's titles. A bilingual interface, several risk game kinds, reward combinations in both directions, high maximum payout ratios, etc., are more distinguishing characteristics.

Classic games with numerous combinations, Belatra slots with over 100 pay lines, and various extra features are all in the company’s arsenal. The most well-known titles from the firm include Lucky Bank Robbers, 88 Dragons Treasure, and Monkey Jackpot. All of the developer's games have received certification from unbiased testing organizations like GLI, BMM TestLabs, SIQ, etc., ensuring the reliability and security of every game.

Since it takes security extremely seriously, Belatra employs the most recent encryption techniques and security technologies. Players who use the company's goods may play without worrying about the safety of their personal information or money. Top software testing companies have awarded Belatra Games credentials as a prominent casino software provider. Before granting their licenses, these organizations conducted in-depth analyses of all facets of Belatra's games and declared them 100 percent fair and secure for players.

The mechanisms that decide the outcomes of each rotation take place on the developer's server, where the slots are loaded. The casino can only provide fans access to the slot machines; it has no control over the outcomes of the spins. The unpredictability of the outcomes is determined by the random number generator, which is verified and required to be certified. It displays values associated with particular game symbols with each Start button click. There are no patterns in the distribution of rewards, and nothing is done to make it possible for participants to foresee the outcome. Furthermore, slot machines from Belatra come with a free-play option. You may experiment with them without risking actual money.

Numerous factors set slot machines apart, including design, technological prowess, cost, etc. It isn't easy to pinpoint precisely which slots gamers most like and why. Therefore, it is vital to have a range of slot machines and game alternatives if you want to enjoy all of the Belatra experience. This article will give you a general overview of Belatra games slot machines so you can get the better taste.

Belatra slot game features

The firm offers more than 100 games, yet several have achieved legendary status. The most popular release is Lucky Drink, one of 50 games digitally converted for use in internet casinos that year. Other sought-after games include Fairy Land, Chukcha, Sevens, Piggy Bank, and others.

Most well-known Belatra slots have been moved online, and the service provider now offers free, no-registration slot machine gaming. One indication of excellent taste in gaming is the availability of free access to the demo version of online slots.

The collection includes two games with progressive jackpots: Lucky Bank Robbers, which has a four-level pot, and The Moneymania, which has three jackpots named after American presidents. Another innovation is the jackpot system known as jPotSystem, which enables you to connect Belatra slot machines from several land-based rooms into a single network with a shared prize pool.

Most of the time, slot machine images can’t boast top-notch quality and don't take advantage of 3D effects. However, players enjoy slots for unique stories, extra features, and robust operation. The portfolio mainly consists of basic three-reel slots, but there are also five-reel slots with up to 25 pay lines. The medium and high volatility of the gadgets is another key to the appeal of Belatra's online slots. Risky gamers prefer the software of the Belarusian producer for this reason.

When it started working in the online gaming industry, the company aimed to develop fun Belatra games that would function on tablets and smartphones. Belatra's HTML5 platform enables users to play anytime, anywhere, from any device that supports Android and iOS. There is no need to install third-party software because all Belatra games operate directly in the browser. Since most are HTML5-based, desktop and mobile devices may easily use them.

The most well-known Belatra slot machines have been converted to the online format, with the chance of a free launch offered by the operator. The playing surface is 5x3 or 3x3; there are 5 to 50 pay lines, free spins, and a risk game on almost all slot machines. Only newly released items have intriguing extras.

Belatra features a unique jackpot method as well. The player must spin the Wheel of Fortune and earn a predetermined amount of points for combos. The jackpot or extra consolation prizes are also possible outcomes Most of this developer's slots are relatively straightforward, yet they have a respectable and gorgeous appearance. The colors, functionalities, and noises are all pretty basic. The overall impression, nevertheless, is favorable. There are several explanations for why gamers adore the provider's slot machines:

  • really engrossing narratives;

  • appealing visuals;

  • transparent game principles;

  • very high likelihood of winning a significant prize;

  • ease of use and clarity of the interface;

  • large selection of games;

  • good music.

Although the corporation does not make an effort to create novel items, it nonetheless uses some intriguing non-conventional ideas. Slots from Belatra often include five or three reels, five to fifty paylines, free spins, or another bonus game when three scatter symbols appear. A risk game is also available.

Regardless of the user's degree of computer technology understanding, the user interface is also well implemented and simple to grasp. When looking for the desired choice, it is easier to find it because each button has its own location. Players will also be drawn to the intriguing images that reveal the Eastern European cultures' greatest figures. All of the characters in the games include elements of the artists' personal styles and life experiences, which makes them seem instantly recognizable.

Belatra Games slots

This gaming software provider began its career as a maker of slot machines for land-based casinos. With the emergence and growth of online clubs, the supplier also found a new niche that has since continued to grow. It continues to be among the most well-known Eastern European brands, and players worldwide are familiar with its online slots. The most well-known gaming slots in the company's whole portfolio stand out:

  • Legendary Belatra slots machine Lucky Drink is also known as "Devil." The main guy ends up at a bar where he binges on alcohol while attempting to outsmart evil spirits. The gambler can double the cash reward won at the start of the round by playing the bonus game "Barrels."

  • The three-reel slot machine Sevens features standard symbols, including sevens, fruits, bells, and BAR tiles. A risk game is one of the functional characteristics of a low-volatility slot machine.

  • The 100% hit slot by Belatra, An Escape From Alcatraz, is about breaking loose from the Alcatraz jail. In the two-level bonus game, you must remove the stones from the tunnel before putting the raft together. The player consequently wins a respectable reward.

  • With a compelling narrative and a lighthearted style to presenting the main characters and supporting cast, the five-reel slot machine Chukcha grabs players' interest. The slot machine includes two extra features: scatters and wilds. The highest spin cost is 225 credits in the virtual currency of the online casino, and the maximum payout ratio is x10,000.

  • Bright, contemporary technology, Highway Stars, is devoted to the motorcycle subculture. The synchronized reels during free spins give you additional opportunities to win reward combos.

More than 100 slots are accessible, along with several roulette and card game variations. All the provider's goods undergo routine testing at national and international labs (BMM Testlabs, Trisigma), and the applicable certificates attest to their high quality. Moreover, the company also has several licenses, including the Maltese one, that Belatra has certified to the high caliber of its slots and the security of its gaming environment.

All Belatra slot machines have easy-to-understand functioning and distinct similarities across their many slot types. A defining characteristic of this particular supplier is its conservatism in design. Each slot machine has a captivating plot that guides the design of the symbols and the game's layout. By activating the demo mode, casino players may become familiar with the brand's most significant advances for no cost and without registering.

The focus of each licensed game is distinct, making them as appealing to players as possible. You may anticipate up to 40 fixed pay lines in addition to the traditional idea of creating winning combos. The emphasis on engaging stories in online Belatra slots and a suitable range of potential bets have been maintained. Usually, the highest wager for each spin is no more than 2,000 coins. As a result, you may start playing Belatra slots online with any amount of money and have a genuine chance of winning the maximum payout.

Additionally, Belatra has created a unique jackpot system that blends all advancements with a progressive prize. The vibrant designs of each novelty make it evident that the supplier keeps up with current gaming industry trends.

You may participate in multi-level themed Belatra games or receive substantial benefits in free spins by playing slot machines. Increased multipliers for winnings are active during free spins, allowing you to play slots for even more money.

ighest RTP Belatra slots

The games from this supplier provide a wide range of game concepts and volatility levels. The vast maximum multipliers, which may reach x20,000 in some games, are also attractive. Another benefit is that many slots provide the option to buy additional features, which will appeal to gamers who don't want to wait for a bonus game. Of course, the provider's average RTP is also a crucial factor.

A wide variety of games and slots are available in online casinos. RTP (Return to Player) is one of the most crucial elements to consider. Players must comprehend the idea of RTP and how it influences their likelihood of winning while playing free slots. Return to Player is a mathematical calculation of a slot machine game's typical return on investment (ROI) that shows the percentage of money a player may anticipate winning from playing a Belatra slots machine over a predetermined amount of time. Belatra's slots can't claim to have particularly high volatility—approximately 93% RTP on average, a bit less than the industry norm. Some of the highest RTP slots:

  • 20 Super Stars 95.70%

  • Mix Fruits 95.50%

  • Monkey Jackpot 94.4%

  • New Year Monkey 94.4%

  • Ocean Bed 94.2%

Without taking low RTP into account, the supplier still stands out for the wide range of themes included in its slots and the inclusion of intriguing mechanisms such as unique progressive jackpots and fun bonus Belatra games. It's also important to remember that there are card games, scratch cards, and roulette in addition to traditional slot machines. A crucial aspect is the availability of slots with various levels of volatility, which enables players with multiple playing styles to choose a slot that appeals to them.

In addition, the ability to purchase bonus games gives players rapid access to high winning possibilities rather than having to wait through hundreds of spins to obtain the necessary amount of scatters.

Moreover, the slots include animations that players will view while playing. Gamblers will also like the cheery and inviting backdrop design, accentuating and adding fresh accents to the gaming environment. Every little aspect is meticulously considered while creating the provider's Belatra slots , making the presentation as saturated as possible. Realistic speech sounds and a calming background song will accompany the gaming itself. The game options allow you to disable the soundtrack if you'd like. The brightness and other settings are also adjustable there.

The intriguing plotlines in Belatra's games will encourage you to wager with all your heart and zeal. Typically, the central characters will be the focus of the powerful narrative. The business based its inventions on well-known tales like the frog tale and the prisoner's escape from Alcatraz. To prevent player boredom, the game concept has been thoroughly thought out. Users will have to embark on several adventures and solve several mysteries, depending on the topic and narrative of the chosen gadget. The game developer's software also offers convenient gameplay. It will provide the most enjoyable gaming possible without interruptions for unimportant occasions. New users won't have to spend time on extra development because of the straightforward presentation; instead, they may start playing the game immediately after launch.

Bitcoin Casinos with Belatra slots

Belatra is still one of the top producers of gaming software today. Its equipment is present in practically all renowned casinos. The company's innovations are in relatively high demand, as experience has shown. The demo version is compatible with all business devices. Users can play both for money and without making actual investments because of this. For new gamers, the demo mode will be appropriate. You can play for extended periods and experience intense emotions without risking using real money. Furthermore, players don't need to register to play a free game at the casino. You will have the chance to become more accustomed to it and discover all the intricacies of the chosen slot machine in the demo mode.

Numerous online casinos offer Belatra slot machines from this manufacturer; all Belatra games feature demo modes. At authorized casinos like Rox, Vavada, Sol Casino, and other well-known websites, you may play Belatra slot machines. However, some of the Bitcoin casinos also open the possibility to play games of this supplier. Several of the most prominent crypto casinos using Belatra games include:

LTC Casino

It is a new yet incredibly intriguing cryptocurrency gaming site that offer games by Belatra. It began operations in November 2021. Since then, the casino has gradually made headway in the market. However, it has yet to have much success thus far. But if you enjoy anonymous payments and quick access to the most significant legal casinos, you should try something new. This casino is actually unlike anything you've ever seen.


Since 2022, the WildIO online casino has been open for business with a Curaçao license. The website has more than 2000 games, including baccarat, bingo, blackjack, and other games. It does not provide no-deposit bonuses. However, there is a loyalty program, a rebate program and a great array of Beletra slots. The following currencies are available at the casino: BNB, ADA, DOG, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT, TRX, BCH, BTC, etc. There are two payment options: Visa and QIWI. 5 USD is the minimum withdrawal and deposit amounts.


2018 saw the launch of Fastpay Casino. Although it is not the dominant player on the market, it offers access to various games, especially Belatra-produced. Every page featured a bearded man whose appearance reminded us of a fairy tale or cartoon figure. It appears as a knight on the first page, a pirate on the next, and a racer on the last page. Therefore, this individual might be considered the casino's main character.


Casinonic Casino has just been open since the year 2020 began. However, the platform has become well-known after only a few years. It is probably because this online casino offers only first-rate service. It has incorporated fewer better-featured games rather than a few thousand. Nevertheless, you still can find some of the Belastra slots here. The company only concentrates on the best developers, which is an excellent strategy. In addition, every participant is eligible to receive any bonus they like. The fact that they support cryptocurrency is another crucial point. The team has set a cap of three currencies here and with the game developers. The effectiveness and reactivity of the support team will keep you coming back again and again.

In conclusion, Belatra is one of the primary content suppliers for real money games at the top online casinos. Before making wagers for real money, you may play the completely compatible, licensed, and original demo versions of its games. A skilled group of professionals made up of professionals performing their jobs creates this software. The complexity and details of the selected topic are well known to artists, screenwriters, and programmers; they also understand what the user base is interested in. With this strategy, the supplier has the chance to publish exceptional games. Moreover, products from Belatra are ideal for fostering a sense of community among returning fans.

List of the best Belatra casinos

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