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Avatarux Slots Review in 2023

AvatarUX is a young gaming company that creates entertaining and captivating casino products. This developer has a lot to offer the slots market. It has already teamed with some of the most prominent organizations in the sector, such as Yggdrasil. Innovative Avatarux games place a strong emphasis on the user experience. Players can already enjoy their enormous jackpots and their striking aesthetics. Even if this developer is less well-known than others, the significant partnerships will surely help them make a quantum leap.

The website for the AvatarUX slots contains some eye-catching designs. Although they have kept the information straightforward, they nevertheless make a few critical points about emphasizing the player experience in their mobile slots. Visuals are more important than words for this company.

Although the website has one page, the navigation makes obtaining the information you need simple. As this business develops, it would be nice to have more information there. They have badges indicating that they are powered by YGS Masters and connections to all of the major social media platforms. It means that along with the AvatarUX selection, you may also play slots from Yggdrasil Gaming and other developers in the program, such as Peter and Sons slots.

On their website, only a handful of AvatarUX slots games are available, but they all include YouTube videos. This content sparks users’ curiosity, as the games are well-designed and eye-catching. Since independent developers don't usually provide videos, it is beneficial.

In this sector, it would be pretty uncommon for a game creator to disregard the popularity of mobile games. Players want to be able to access their favorite games while on the road without compromising the quality of the gameplay. As one might anticipate, AvatarUX's online slots are completely responsive on mobile platforms. They perform good when tested, and the visuals are equally appealing. It's hardly surprising that these casino game developers' games are enjoyable because they prioritize the user experience. The fact that they have only released a couple of games so far shows they are not interested in producing cheap Avatarux slots in mass quantities. Their fans anticipate the games they are developing to be good.

The supplier has developed its brand and gained traction in the gaming industry thanks to innovative mechanics and distinctive artwork. They've partially accomplished this by introducing playable Avatarux slots with tremendous potential but a propensity for volatility. The company ensures that its games satisfy both devoted gamblers who value these two components and casual gamblers.

To appeal to a variety of player types, most slots accept wagers starting at 20 cents per line and have RTP values that hover around 96%. In a congested industry, AvatarUX is a studio that succeeds in standing out. A lot depends on their famous main PopWins line, but they also often create unique games that help them establish a strong sense of brand identity.

Avatarux slot game features

The business develops slot machines with intricate, unusual features. There are already more than 10 Avatarux games in the collection. It is a fantastic outcome, especially since the supplier only debuted in 2019. The initial machine, Lilith's Inferno, is not a PopWins product. The succeeding ones are then integrated into a well-liked series with unique mechanics. They employ a distinctive, patent-protected technique that significantly raises consumers' chances of winning.

The supplier abides by the notion that businesses that build their distinctive brands will be successful in the future. For this reason, the company created and patented the PopWins gaming mechanics. Slots with unique bonus features are instantly identifiable and set the provider apart. Additional attributes and traits of the developer:

  • 96% of returns are on average.

  • There is an opportunity to buy bonuses in several games.

  • In most circumstances, the operator can establish minimum rates at 0.2 euros.

  • Enormous earning possibilities on the lines and during bonus rounds and free spins.

  • The PopWins brand has vibrant Asian design, top-notch graphics, and unique animation.

  • Utilization of the game adaption tools GATI and Boost.

The game supplier adopts a flexible strategy. It continuously tracks and evaluates player, streamer, and operator comments and, depending on the data gathered, finalizes new Avatarux slots. The company releases many new games yearly to stay current and grow its library. Games present appealing math models in high resolution and vibrant colors. Playing free AvatarUX slots online takes you on exciting journeys. The material is disseminated abroad through a direct integration or a few distribution partners, including significant iGaming markets. Games are cross-platform and available in over 30 different languages.

Some fans know how crucial the PopWins mechanism is to the studio's success. But what exactly is this game-specific engine for AvatarUX titles? It divides winning symbols into two brand-new ones so that you can earn extra payments. The arrangement extends to its maximum, typically six icons tall in the regular game and nine in the bonus games, as long as new paying combinations appear.

Players win more frequently due to the feature in both base and bonus modes. The studio's toolbox's most beloved mechanic is, without a doubt, this one. However, the developer is constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas.

For its mechanics, which have become a fundamental breakthrough in the area of online casinos, AvatarUX was able to get a patent. Players are continuously enjoying new and cutting-edge mechanisms of Avatarux slots machines that are already quite popular. PopWins' main idea is that winning combinations cause symbols to disappear and a new line to appear above them, bringing the total number of rows up to three. This process will keep going as long as there are prize symbol combinations. It has the potential to enlarge the field, adding seven cells to each reel. In parallel, there are increasing methods to receive prizes.

Avatarux Games slots

Avatar UX, which has just been around for a few years, provides huge payouts in its slot Avatarux games, with win potentials exceeding 70,000 in the stake amount. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Avatar UX can compete with the industry leaders. These payout rates will undoubtedly win over new devotees, but the studio must first increase awareness of its slot machines. They exert much effort to establish their brand and obtain hosting on more prestigious casino websites. Most online demo slots offer an RTP rate considerably higher than the industry average of 96%. The payments are also rather substantial. The winnings of the offered gaming machines typically exceed 10,000 times the player's initial bet. However, the PopRocks slot machine has the potential to multiply the bet by more than 70,000 times, resulting in absurdly large payouts. In this way, the bulk of the studio's games provides the potential to win rather sizable rewards, often reaching one million euros. The slots created by AvatarUX have superb contemporary graphics. The videos combine cutting-edge technology to produce colorful, lively games that engage players even aesthetically. The colors used for their names receive a lot of consideration from the developers. A well-designed color scheme always draws attention to the dominant hues by boosting their brightness and saturation. These peculiarities give the titles their mood.

The gaming community has taken note of the manufacturer's slot machines, and all of them have climbed to the top of the popularity list:

  • Lilith's Inferno. It is the provider's first video slot and the best piece yet on the Yggdrasil Masters platform. Lilith, one of the most powerful demons, travels to the underworld to battle scary monsters and search for old artifacts. Thanks to its excellent visuals and eerie soundtrack, it has the feel of a full-fledged computer game. An animated conflict between good and evil can commence during a round with free spins (up to 50 pieces). If the player wins, he will get two free spins, and the opponent will change into a sticky wild.

  • Poprocks. It is a first game in the PopWins line of machines. Users eagerly anticipate diamonds, neon lights, and vibrant blue flame motion. There is now a second multiplier available in addition to the PopWins option. If the reel rises by seven symbols, then bonus options are activated.

  • A wild pop. In this slot, the user visits a carnival in Asia. A distinctive ambiance is created by the colorful masks on the drums and the soothing music. The highest payout is x10,941, the original wager. There are extra multipliers, random wilds, and a bonus mode in addition to the iconic choice with bursting symbols.

  • CherryPop. It is a retro-themed fruit machine with vibrant animation and neon illumination. The reels receive an electrical charge before each rotation. The formula is 5x3. Up to 59,049 different combinations can be successful (in both directions). The drum may be stretched to 6 rows at its most basic level. The user receives six bonus spins as a reward for this. He could also gamble and turn the wheel.

The innovative PopWins system, which enables users to boost their odds of winning, is partly to blame for the provider's fame in the gaming sector. As a result, the brand has grown in recognition and popularity. What are other benefits of these unique Avatarux slots? Some of them are as follows:

  • Slots have high-quality graphics.

  • The company employs original ideas and designs.

  • The game's introduction of a PopWins function.

  • 96% is the fixed payout for the slot machines.

  • It included a wide range of wagers.

  • There is enormous potential for financial gain.

  • There are several extra advantages and state-of-the-art technology.

  • Asian-themed slot machines are widely available.

Even though the developer's game collection only consists of Avatarux slots machines, it has more than 20 different games overall. Nevertheless, the provider is well-known. It gained its popularity due to a partnership agreement with the Yggdrasil Gaming company, a significant player in the gaming industry.

Highest RTP Avatarux slots

Most Avatarux games have a decent average payout of about 96%. Typically, the number is neither too high nor too low. However, gamers should be aware that certain positions have different iterations. Three RTP options are often available in such circumstances: 96%, 94%, and 90.5%. For instance, both MonkeyPop and RagingPop have these RTPs.

Maximum win potential ranges typically from 10,000 to 20,000. However, some Avatarux slot machines provide much more. MonkeyPop distinguishes itself from the group because of its enormous 197,500x maximum payout. This massive payout is achievable while playing the free spins, which are available for 100x, 250x, and 500x of the original bet.

Most of the projects in Avatar UX's tiny portfolio employ the PopWins mechanism and the best RTP rates. All of these options are excellent:

  • WildPops (RTP of 96.20 %). Following the massive success of the first in the series, WildPops was the second installment. Even though it had a much smaller potential, it nevertheless gave much of the same pleasure in PopRocks. In a mind-blowing show, WildPops witnessed AvatarUX's love of Asian-themed video games come to life, resulting in enormous appeal.

  • CherryPop (RTP of 96.14%). It is the third episode of the series. Here, you see a more vintage aesthetic with a vintage fruit machine appearance, which likely appealed to the people who frequented the bars. CherryPop, with a maximum win capability of 56,386x, met PopRocks and WildPops in the center in terms of potential. When the reels in the demo were at their highest point, significant incremental multiplier rises offered unimaginable excitement and possibilities. CherryPop has shown its worth more than time, and many people consider it one of their favorite episodes in the series.

  • BountyPop (RTP of 96%). With the Bronze, Silver, and Gold wheels accessible when the reels hit their highest point during the Free Spins, BountyPop provided those swashbucklers with a frightening pirate theme and unparalleled thrill. BountyPop had 59,049 win ways and a maximum win capability of 55,000x, making it just as competitive as the others in the series. BountyPop, the fourth installment in the series, demonstrated that there was still a strong demand for PopWins games.

The portfolio of AvatarUX is relatively tiny compared to others, but even if PopWins games make up most of them, you can't argue that they shorn of creativity. The PopWins series' mechanics makes all things better - these slots are as good as it gets. Producing video Avatarux slots games that combine features of retro video games with online casino gambling is the company’s primary emphasis. To do this, their games use 3D components and have high levels of engagement and gamification, allowing the player to engage in gaming rather than passively await the outcome.

It is evident from the sample reels that they place a lot of emphasis on aesthetics and animation. The themes are undoubtedly a pleasant surprise, but the gameplay is more crucial. The fundamental operations are the same as those that are commonplace in most slots. Boss battles and other interactive elements from the mobile game industry are what the business hopes to bring to the table. If you've ever played slots before, all of the fundamental gaming elements are simple to comprehend. The game's interactive elements are what set it apart. These increase the winning potential of the games while also ensuring that playing does not merely involve spinning the wheel.

Bitcoin Casinos with Avatarux slots

The content has been made available in several areas and can be found on reputable gaming websites thanks to Yggdrasil and a few other distributors. You can find various reputable sites that allow you to try the Avatarux slots without creating an account. This developer's games are all swiftly gaining popularity. The high-quality visuals, Yggdrasil references, range of topics and stories, etc., are just a few of the significant aspects players have noticed. If they want to win and play slots, many gamblers blunder while selecting a suitable machine. Make sure to choose the Avatarux slot machines with the greatest RTP from the selection offered by AvatarUX Studios to avoid dissatisfaction. You can find these Avatarux games on an incredible array of crypto casinos.


A newcomer to the industry, DepositWin Casino provides a top-notch playing experience with the best AvatarUX games. The casino platform prioritizes dependability and player security and offers hundreds of games that guarantee a distinctive and enjoyable experience for gamers worldwide. This in-depth analysis of DepositWin Casino looks at all the elements that make it unique.

RioBet Casino

2014 saw the launch of Riobet - casino that offers its players numerous AvatarUX games. Riotech Services LP Casinos owns and runs the casino, which has much to offer its patrons. The casino not only has a fantastic assortment of games and promotions, but it also accepts Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. A casino that takes cryptocurrency is undoubtedly one that many players like because of how widely accepted cryptocurrencies have become over the years. RioBet has many games, including live casino games, roulette games, and other options. Additionally, the website also hosts frequent competitions.

Vave Casino

If you are looking for a casino where you can experience the thrill of playing your favorite games by AvatarUX while using the most recent technology, Vave is the only place to look. This innovative casino raises the bar for online gaming by providing a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency and gaming lovers. Vave is the ideal option for gamers looking for a genuinely exceptional gaming experience because of its focus on security, independence, and anonymity. It features all you need to advance your gaming, including various deposit and reload incentives, a welcoming service, and support for several cryptocurrencies.

Mirax Casino

The Mirax Casino opened its doors in 2022. It's a new online casino built with a hybrid betting system combining fiat money and cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that this online casino will catch your attention and that you will start to spend time there. It has countless AvatarUX games and slots by other prominent providers. It will definitely catch your attention.

Despite the studio's youth, it has published over 10 AvatarUX slots online. Due to the mix of intricate game design, top-notch visuals that followed the newest trends, distinctive stylistics, and a significant number of cutting-edge in-game features rapidly became quite popular. The offered gaming machines' visual aesthetic, playability, and volatility vary greatly. In this approach, the studio's selection of titles offers both moderate fluctuations and high volatility.

Moreover, a team of professionals with extensive industry experience supports AvatarUX. The foundation of this company is its skilled staff of artists and professional engineers, who produce some of the most immersive slot games in the business. These developers concentrate on creating adaptable games that put the player first, with a strong foundation, cutting-edge models, flawless visuals, and a user experience that will please even the most seasoned slot lover.

To cap it all, AvatarUX is one of the more recent studios to enter the market. The business has begun to shape a reputation for itself and is gradually finding its way onto numerous reputable casino websites. The software provider is gaining pace by creating premium slot games, most of which are very captivating.

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