#1 Free bitcoin faucet is here!

Wanna get free bitcoins?

Free bitcoin faucet & offerwalls
Free bitcoin faucet & offerwalls
Satoshi Hero offers an easy way to earn bitcoins. Spin the free bitcoin wheel, solve a captcha and get your free bitcoins. Repeat every 30 minutes. While you are waiting for the timer, you can also complete offers and surveys to make even more free money!
Free Bitcoin Casino
Free Bitcoin Casino
We offer over 3500 licensed bitcoin games from the world's top casino game providers. You can earn money in the faucet and offerwalls and then gamble your crypto to multiply it many times. We even have our own Bitcoin Dice to make it even more fun!
Quick withdrawals
Quick withdrawals
Withdraw your earnings anytime almost instantly once you collect over 10,000 satoshi (0.0001 BTC) on your balance. We support BTC withdrawals to faucetpay along with the traditional BTC addresses. Also, you may withdraw in LTC, DOGE, TRX, BCH, and XRP.

An easy way to get free bitcoins

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin faucets are websites paying free bitcoins to their users. Usually, you will get free bitcoins for solving captchas, or some other easy work, like testing websites, installing mobile apps, or completing surveys.

Why does a bitcoin faucet pay money to its users?

Bitcoin faucets are making money from different forms of ads. If you are getting rewards for completing a captcha, you are watching the ads along the way, and the website receives its revenue this way. If you are rewarded from offers or surveys, advertisers pay for their marketing goals to be completed, and you receive a part of this payment.

What are withdrawal limits in Satoshi Hero?

For withdrawals processed through faucetpay, the minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 satoshi. The same applies to withdrawals to the crypto addresses in any crypto except for BTC. The withdrawals to a Bitcoin address have a minimum threshold of 30,000 satoshi.

How often the payout requests are processed at Satoshi Hero?

The withdrawal requests are processed almost instantly, and you can be sure to receive the money soon after creating the withdrawal request. You’ll see your transaction transitioned to “Completed” status in the withdrawal history.

Who pays the commission fees for withdrawal transactions here?

We at Satoshi Hero cover all the transaction fees for any withdrawal currency and the withdrawal method you choose.

Are there any limits on the use of Satoshi Hero?

We work hard to provide the highest-quality service and the best rewards to our players on the market. The main challenge in this matter is fighting bots and making sure the players are real and are not abusing our service. Attempting to use scripts, bots, multiple accounts, and hacker attacks will lead to temporary account blocks. We are using advanced internal technology that helps us clean up the traffic from any possible fraud. Suspicious activities are promptly reported to our admins, and the algorithms we are using will not be disclosed.

What other services does Satoshi Hero offer?

After several years of operation as a bitcoin faucet, Satoshi Hero has become a full-fledged bitcoin casino with more than 3500 license bitcoin casino games by the biggest names in the crypto gaming industry, along with more than 13 cryptocurrencies on deposit and 6 currencies on withdrawal.

Does Satoshi Hero offer any other ways to make money?

Our affiliate program is a great source of income for thousands of active referrals. The basic referral commissions start from 75% of free bitcoin wheel rewards, 10% of completed offers and surveys, and 0.5% of every bet made in bitcoin games. Hurry up to get your referral link and use it anywhere you feel appropriate: your social networks, messengers, Youtube, or a forum signature. This way, you can make a decent passive income.

Why should I try using a Bitcoin faucet?

Current times are pretty unstable regarding financial indicators, prices are growing faster than salaries. That’s why making some extra cash is always a good idea. Some bitcoin faucets, like Satoshi Hero, are fun to use while making beer money.

What is Satoshi Hero all about?

Satoshi Hero is a funny character we’ve created for you to make the process of getting free money from us more fun. Satoshi Hero is an ordinary superhero who loves Bitcoins.

Why do I have to sign up using an email in Satoshi Hero?

All new players have to use a valid email address to signup. The email has to be confirmed. There are 2 main reasons why we need your email address: 1) The email is used for various confirmation messages to make Satoshi Hero a secure place; 2) We will send occasional info about your progress in Satoshi Hero, about our new features and some more fun stuff. You may always unsubscribe from our emails.

Is Satoshi Hero a secure website?

We use SSL certificates in all requests to/from our website to make sure the data is transferred securely between your browser and Satoshi Hero. We have a security system under the hood that keeps track of players’ actions and calculate fraudulent patterns. Also, an email confirmation is required for logins from new places, withdrawal requests, etc.

Does Satoshi Hero support other cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin?

For the moment, the main cryptocurrency we are using for all transactions and balances is Bitcoin. Along with that, we are offering deposit methods in 13 cryptocurrencies and withdrawals in 6 of them. When we accept a deposit in other currencies, we convert its amount to Bitcoin. The same process is done when we withdraw the funds from your Bitcoin balance in other currencies.

What prizes can I get in Satoshi Hero?

The amount of free satoshi you’ll get is random here. You’ll get from 1 satoshi to 250,000 satoshi completely free. Just spin the free bitcoin wheel, solve the captchas and see what you get! You can solve 1 captcha every 30 minutes, which means a lot of chances to win the highest 250,000 satoshi prize!

Now, let’s discuss general crypto concepts to understand this hot topic equally.

What is a Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is the most popular and highly capitalized cryptocurrency in the world and also the biggest decentralized payment system in the world. The main benefit of Bitcoin is that it is not regulated in most countries, and it is decentralized. “Decentralized” means that there is no central bank involved in the issuance of this currency. Another great thing about Bitcoin is that its network is transparent, and you may see all transactions being processed, while it is anonymous, meaning you never know who’s made the transaction.

Of course, Bitcoin has its downsides as well, and the main downside is its price volatility. Currently, it is impossible to predict how much is going to cost tomorrow.

What is a Satoshi?

Satoshi is like a cent for a dollar. It is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin. 1 satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC, or 100 000 000 satoshi are equal to 1 bitcoin. This makes Bitcoin suitable for micro-transactions, like those used in the crypto faucets.

Most countries don’t have any special legislation for cryptocurrencies, as well as Bitcoin. In most places in the world, Bitcoin is not a legal means of payment, but some countries have still given an official money status to Bitcoin. Also, some countries have banned Bitcoin completely (e.g., China). We would recommend you to read your local laws to understand if it is legal in your country already, or still not.

How does a Bitcoin faucet or any other crypto faucet work?

  • All crypto faucets work differently. Their biggest differences are:
  • The crypto that the faucet is paying
  • Reward type (some set a dynamic reward, others pay fixed rewards)
  • Reward amount – some pay more, some pay less.
  • The main mechanic used in the faucet. Most faucets pay for solved captchas.
  • The timer – as some of the faucets pay every 5 minutes, others do it once a day.

Where can I buy Bitcoins?

We recommend using the larger crypto exchanges to buy any crypto and, of course, Bitcoin. The biggest crypto exchanges are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, etc. You may easily google them or find them on review websites. Please be aware that you must meet KYC requirements to use all the large crypto exchanges. Also, there is a website called Localbitcoins, where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency based on your location.

Where can I spend Bitcoins?

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing every day. More and more large companies start accepting crypto as a means of payment for their products and services. Microsoft, Overstock, Home Depot, Namecheap, Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Tesla is just a short list of companies accepting crypto.