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RAW Gaming Slots Review in 2024

Without slots, envisioning a casino anywhere globally would not be easy. Because playing them doesn't need specialized knowledge or abilities, they are popular among players. However, the technology behind fruit machines is advanced and needs ongoing refinement. As a result, hundreds of experts strive to create and enhance them.

The industry for online gaming is expanding in the twinkling of an eye, and there are more providers every year. As the level of competition rises, organizers must come up with fresh strategies to catch the eye of new participants. A great scope of games is the best strategy. As a result, operators work with various suppliers, including reputable gaming studios and emerging startups. Leaders in the industry update classic slots to meet contemporary standards, while up-and-coming creators astonish the public with novel concepts and inventive stories.

Raw Gaming is a brand-new startup whose products have taken the market by storm. This development team has swiftly made a quantum leap to the top of the iGaming industry's list of those to watch. Their approach to fruit machine games pushes the envelope.

Raw Gaming is a very young participant in this business, having been created in early 2021, yet they have made an excellent first impression. The SuperSlice engine is gaining traction in the industry, so expect to see numerous RAW Gaming slots with similar gameplay among the fun games shortly.

When it comes to fruit machines, this business is essentially rewriting the wheel. If you were expecting to witness spinning reels during other slots, you are in for a surprise because of its novel features, which incorporate components of massive wheel games. They are considerably different from other options you have played, but despite this, they are a piece of cake for you, and after a few spins, you will soon adjust to them.

These fruit machines are carefully designed to look good and perform well on any device, and while playing on your smartphone, both portrait and landscape modes provide a rich gaming experience. The company boasts that it wants to stand apart in a sea of sameness, and if its first few games are any indication, they're delivering on that promise by providing a distinct user experience.

The person at the helm of the firm is the CEO Thomas Wood, who has worked in the online gaming sector at SG Digital and Williams Interactive, which is one of the reasons why Raw Gaming appears to be such an inventive studio and is a name to keep an eye on as more of their products become available. Moreover, the company purchased the Leander Games platform in April 2022. This platform is now operational in 13 regulated jurisdictions and offers several options to fast-add plays to various brands.

You won't find Raw Gaming games at all online casinos because the firm is still relatively new and has only produced a small number of products, but the most well-known platforms already have their games available. You may soon anticipate new slots on your preferred slots site because their development team is highly ambitious and has a wealth of expertise in creating and advertising games.

When opting for an appropriate software supplier, the following factors should be considered: reputation, license availability, product range, RTP indications, and interface simplicity. These are the primary considerations for gamblers. Using the ranking, you may select the best provider. This team fits all of these requirements, and in this article, where we will provide an overview of Raw Gaming, you will be able to understand why this company's products have reached such remarkable success among many gaming lovers.

Raw Gaming slot game features

Let's begin our review by discussing what makes the company unique. The simplicity of the rounds is their most pivotal benefit. These devices feature a fundamental user interface and a transparent working logic. The player's intelligence is not a factor in winning; chance alone determines success. In the hopes that the next spin of the reels would land them the jackpot, many players are ready to spend hours at the machine. Utilizing free spins is, without a doubt, the fruit machines from Raw Gaming's most significant benefit. These bonus reels are prizes or bonuses that casinos give to new players.

Raw Gaming slots also include a large selection of plays. The player may set the number of active lines and the number of spare reels separately, which can impact both the number of winning combinations and the magnitude of the rewards.

Special symbols, winning features, and other features are a significant element of the Raw Gaming fruit machine for users. The following special symbols are available in Raw Gaming products:

  • Scatter. It only creates lucrative combinations specified in the rules. It is sufficient for the necessary number of pictures to appear on the field of play.

  • Bonus sign. This symbol typically triggers the bonus game, which has set indications and the potential to provide ample rewards. You may employ bonuses to transform routine gaming into a thrilling experience with higher payouts.

There are many distinct aspects winning tools might have. The manufacturer's creativity is the sole restriction on the general set and technological characteristics.

After examining the key features, let's discuss the key benefits that have propelled Raw Gaming games to the top of the market:

  • A fresh take on fruit machines. Even though we name them slots, SuperSlice is a whole new genre of games that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way you play.

  • High Volatility. If you enjoy high-volatility games with the potential to win large, these one-armed bands are for you. You also have a great scope of stake sizes, allowing you to play with any size bankroll.

  • RTP Variation. The RTPs of the slots now generated by Raw Gaming vary depending on how the casino operator configures them. It implies you can select a more fantastic or lower RTP based on your preferences.

  • It is ideal for using a smartphone to play. Because so many people like playing slots on their phones and tablets, the company created their products to appear fantastic on every screen size.

  • New incentives. RAW There are always many large winnings to spin in iGaming since there are many opportunities to earn bonuses and multipliers.

  • Numerous new add-ons, such as additional betting possibilities like betting on whether you have a winning or losing round.

Raw Gaming's products are all mobile-friendly right out of the box. Individual mobile versions of them are available for any current smartphone. Games behave and feel the same even if the layout has been modified to match a smaller screen with a different aspect ratio. You can choose how you wish to play these games as a player. Because of these qualities, many gamers worldwide have fallen in love with the kaleidoscope of products given by these producers.

Raw Gaming Games slots

A great bunch of slots are available at Raw Gaming. Players may choose from various slots, including modern bonus video one-armed bands and traditional three-reel options. What distinguishes Raw Gaming slots from other games you've played, then? There is a spinning wheel that resembles a large wheel in place of the standard reels, which is occasionally viewed as a bonus. It implies continuing to experience the same level of thrill and action. You must fundamentally redefine your concept of what a one-armed bandit looks like.

Journey to Chaos

This dynamic Ancient Egypt-inspired story has between 2 and 12 pieces on the wheel, and the settings alter with each spin - the more pieces, the higher the probability of winning, but the fewer pieces, the larger the wins, up to a maximum payout of 15,000 times your stake. It's a high volatility option with an RTP ranging from 90.38% to 95.56%, a free spin bonus round, win multipliers, and a striking graphic design that looks amazing on any platform.

Wheels of Rock

This high volatility one-armed-bandit has an RTP of 90.12% to 95.47% and a potential jackpot win of 25,000x your bet. It offers a unique atmosphere that every rock and roll enthusiast will want to be in. If you like gameplay that changes with each spin, this is unquestionably the game for you. There's also a free spin bonus round, a multiplier wheel, and a fresh mini-game, so the action never stops. The high-energy design will shake your world on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Various combinations of wins and payouts and a re-spin option assure victories.

Even though there is not a really big variety, these one-armed bandits astound with their ingenuity and spectacle. As a new revolution in the gaming industry, this firm provides a fresh gaming experience while neglecting what makes us all love Raw Gaming games in the first place. The extreme volatility of these options is a significant plus, as is how the gameplay changes, so you never know what spin you'll receive.

Raw Gaming concentrates on distinct characteristics that set it apart from the competition. They are engaging and well-liked because of their distinctive mechanics. Fruit machines are the foundation of their gaming library, but these slots are unique. They are built on multi-level wheels where you may stop the wheel on the appropriate symbol to receive larger prizes. Even though every spin in this game is comparable to them, you might argue that they are similar to bonus rounds in other slots. You might focus on the following examples to become more acquainted with various games:

  • Wheel of Rock is a headbanger's fantasy, including free spins with endless multipliers and a vast 25,000x maximum win.

  • Travel to Chaos. With large multipliers and chaotic spins, you may reach enormous prizes. Remember about the new Bonus Rush function.

  • The Magnificent Super Slice. It has it all - All-in-one Mag Spins, Cluster Spins, and Bonus Rush.

Raw Gaming continuously develops new products and makes them accessible to players worldwide. There are several methods to play these one-armed bands online. If you value the opportunity to win actual money, you may sign up for the platform you chose, fund your account, and begin playing at a reputable online casino. A no-deposit bonus is your best option if you're still seeking a method to win real money but don't want to risk any of your own. Some online casinos may provide a modest quantity of bonus spins or bonus money to play with as part of their no-deposit incentives in return for joining. Therefore, to enjoy Raw Gaming style try to find the best platforms offering demo-versions of the products.

Highest RTP Raw Gaming slots

One of the most pivotal statistics to examine while looking for the perfect slot is the return to player value (RTP). The higher the RTP, the greater the amount of money returned over time. However, like with other statistics, it is more complex. There are several aspects to consider, and the most important may not always be the best - depending on the game you wish to play. RTP is the refund of a specific sum. This feature indicates how much money spent on the gaming machine will be reimbursed after a long session. In actuality, the player receives around a 95% return.

Even while all Raw Gaming slots have unique looks, many features, big max winnings, etc., and are all thrilling, a few have distinguished themselves as fan favorites of Raw Gaming. The following are some of these examples.

Journey to Chaos

Journey to Chaos is a lovely Egyptian one-armed bandit with medium-high volatility and a variable RTP of up to 95.56%. Aside from that, Journey to Chaos boasts an attractive design and features like Chaos Spins, Free Spins, different Rush, Clusterspin, and others. Journey to Chaos also offers an excellent max win of 15,000x.

Wheels of Rock

You can easily play the Wheels of Rock slot and spin this thing. You may take in this high-energy game's gorgeous and intricate design while winning up to 25,000 times your initial wager. You can use additional features, including re-spins, multipliers, free spins, and mag-spins.

SuperTracks Railways

SuperTracks Railways is an intriguing, even original, slot with unique and engaging gaming features. This game has a beautiful design and a maximum maximum win of 20,000 times your bet. This medium to high volatility one-armed-bandit also has Clusterspins, Bonus Rush, Journey Helpers, and Blockers, as well as three railway stops where you may win free spins and other bonuses.

Popeye vs. Brutus SuperSlice

Brutus and Popeye square off in the excellent medium volatility Popeye vs. Brutus Superslice Raw Gaming slot, so be ready for some commotion. The game looks fantastic and nostalgic and has a cartoony graphic style similar to Mad Joker SuperSlice Zones. But in Popeye vs. Brutus Superslice, you may enjoy more than just the aesthetics since it also features some incredible bonus games, like Spinach Respins, Olive Oyl's Heart Spins, Bonus Rush, Clusterspin, and more. Here, you may win a maximum of 7,800 times your wager.

The Good, The Bad, and The SuperSlice

It is another excellent western-themed slot from Raw Gaming. In this high-volatility game, you may win up to 25,000 times. Raw Gaming has also introduced numerous features to The Good, The Bad, and The SuperSlice to make the game more enjoyable and straightforward. The SuperSlice Split mechanism, Buffalo Respins, The Jameson Gang Shootout, Bonus Rush, Clusterspins, and other features are among them.

Depending on the Raw Gaming games you play, the provider offers various levels of volatility, and the player returns to its content. However, according to what we've observed, the one-armed-bandit has a high level of volatility, which results in more excellent payouts occurring less frequently. The RTP also varies a lot, but sadly, it tends to be a touch below average and can range from 92% to 95%.

Bitcoin Casinos with Raw Gaming slots

Crypto casinos have grown in popularity in the realm of online gaming owing to their ability to provide safe and anonymous transactions. The availability of Raw Gaming slots, which give players a unique and exciting gaming experience, is one of the most sought-after characteristics of these platforms.

Raw Gaming is a well-known software developer focusing on making up high-quality casino games, such as Raw Gaming slots. Their games are famous for their one-of-a-kind features, striking visuals, and compelling storylines. Although these slots are available in various online casinos, remember that not all crypto platforms provide these games. Therefore, opt for a trustworthy and recognized site that offers Raw Gaming slots.

Let’s take a look at the top places where you can play Raw Gaming one-armed-bandits:

BitStarz Casino

Customers may play Raw Gaming slots and other gambling games for cryptocurrency at the BitStarz virtual casino. In addition to ordinary fiat currencies, there is support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Customers may choose from a choice of games and incentives on the site. Plays on BTC are a distinct feature of BitStarz. Only individuals that operate with cryptocurrency can access the platform's exclusive slots. As a result, the wins are also computed in cryptocurrency. There is also a category named "I'm Feeling Lucky," in which a game is chosen at random for the gambler. Additionally, you may search for slots by name or by provider. Most reviews give the site a high rating for Best Bitcoin Casino.

It won the "Best Casino 2017" and "Best Crypto Platform 2018" prizes. The entire look is laconic and subdued, with dark, muted tones. The menu is easy to use and convenient, so new and seasoned players may succeed.

FortuneJack Casino

In addition to having licensed software from well-known international suppliers, like Raw Gaming, an enlarged bonus program, and unwavering dependability, FortuneJack is a Bitcoin online casino that distinguishes out. The casino's features include quick customer service and the chance to play with BTC and verify the outcomes' fairness.

Due to its Curacao licensing and ongoing independent audits, FortuneJack offers its customers a fair and transparent gaming experience. All casino options have return rates that exceed 94–95 percent and fulfill international requirements.

FortuneJack's main website features an unusual design, with gray tones and vibrant bonus offer banners. The main page features popular games and categories, current tournaments and bonus promotions, a chat icon with help, and registration and login options.

mBit Casino

The operator does not provide conventional financial facilities since mBit Casino is a solely crypto platform. The casino offers over 2,000 game titles with distinctive mechanics and clear, fluid visuals, comprising Raw Gaming games. Software companies with a solid reputation in the market provide these thrilling games. Playing a casino is simple, as no software is needed. The games are accessible to players via an HTML5-based online platform. As a result, you may play using Chrome-compatible tablet browsers as well as desktop, mobile, iOS, and Android devices.

Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are renowned for offering security. The casino encrypts player information using 128-bit SSL software to improve player security. As a result, scammers have a more difficult time accessing essential client data.

To cap it all, the selection of games for an online gambling platform is not difficult because there are several gaming content suppliers. However, it's pivotal to consider the company's reputation, the games' quality and mathematics, features, and popularity while selecting a game provider. In addition, licenses and certifications from different gaming commissions are quite vital because they offer gamers only top-notch material. Raw Gaming's content utterly blew us away, and we were surprised by how engaging and even original the products from this supplier were. And it's not only about the fun; it's about how the firm conducts content production ethically and how dependable the brand is. We recommend checking out Raw Gaming because of all of this, especially their outstanding material.

List of the best Raw Gaming casinos

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