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Mancala Slots Review in 2024

Mancala Gaming is an online casino software producer from Prague (Czech Republic), which will soon celebrate four years of existence. During this time, it has achieved the result that other studios strive for 5-10 years. The Mancala Gaming team released over 50 video games in less than three years, each under a British and Maltese license. According to the developer, the games are created so every gambling fan can enjoy them.

The studio, which develops slot machines and dice slots, was founded in 2019 in Prague. The organization pays a lot of attention to creativity. The company officially offers casino products in Europe, Asia, and America. Its staff consists of young professionals with extensive experience in the gambling entertainment industry. They consider the needs of online casino customers and launch iGaming products created from scratch with unique bonus features.

The developer is interested in a broad view of the plots of slot machines. In his collection, there are almost no entertainments, the subjects of which would coincide. In addition, video slots from Mancala Gaming always provide beautiful graphics and several bonus boosters.

The gaming provider offers exciting slot machines with bright graphics and modern software. For less than four years, the company has released more than 70 slots in the genres of "Animals," "Adventure," "Sports," "Zombies," etc. Mancala Gaming headquarters is located in Prague. The company has a Malta and UK license, and its software passes regular checks by independent organizations. Mancala gambling games have a high rating among gamblers and are represented in many well-known online casinos.

The main profile of the developer is online slots for casinos. Provider's portfolio has 70+ games on different themes. However, Mancala Gaming will continue and promises to release 15 slots annually. That is at least one slot machine every month. Its game content embodies advanced technical solutions and offers many loyalty options: progressive jackpots, free spins, and various trigger events. Every gambler will find entertainment to his liking in the extensive catalog of online games with different themes.

The company employs more than 100 specialists with extensive experience in gambling. Employees consider all the wishes of online casino customers, releasing games with unique features on the gambling market.

Fans of online gambling can safely launch slots of the provider Mancala Games without worrying about the honesty and transparency of the gameplay. Immediately after its registration in 2019, the company received a prestigious license from Malta and later from the UK. In addition, the game provider is certified by iTechLabs, an independent laboratory that regularly checks the correct operation. Obtaining licenses from reputable regulators allows the company to expand its presence in the global gambling market.

Mancala Gaming is a young but up-and-coming Internet gambling developer. In less than four years of work, he achieved what other companies could not do for 7-10 years of hard work. Everything is done at the highest level by the quality of design, the soundtrack, and the probability of winning precisely no questions. In some games, you can find "cascading reels." They increase customer involvement in the game and make it exciting and profitable. The provider's portfolio includes classic slots and dice games, online entertainment with progressive jackpots, and much more. The fun runs flawlessly on iOS and Android smartphones.

Mancala Gaming slots are created not only to make money from gambling but also interested in developing providers who employ professionals who want to make the gambling world even more interesting and exciting. After all, all their creations breathe freshness, originality, and quality.

Mancala slot game features

Mancala has partnered with proven online casinos, offering a unique approach to creating slots. Quality and safe software, total transparency, bonus tools, colorful themes, and excellent support service have made Mancala Gaming the provider with which most major gaming sites count. Every gaming software provider strives for a high level of product trust from users.

Speaking about this provider, it is worth highlighting its main strengths - so you yourself will be convinced of its quality work and will be able to try the games from this manufacturer.

Advantages of Mancala Gaming slots :

  • The excellent visual component of slots - all slots are made in beautiful graphics, and it is enjoyable to play them.

  • Support many languages - if you are not strong in English, you can switch to Russian or any other language you like.

  • Using frameworks HTML5 and JS - through them, the slot machines will be able to run and display correctly on any device, whether a cell phone or tablet.

  • High volatility of slot machines - its percentage in the majority of slots from Mancala Gaming is 95 and above.

Czech provider Mancala Games not only creates high-quality slot machines on various subjects but also gives their players nice bonuses and a bright feeling for all players in online casinos.

Mancala Gaming was created as a bold project by its inspiring CEO. Mancala Gaming Studio had the vision to create a fair and friendly company where people enjoy working. Creativity and innovative ideas thrive in such an open and inspiring environment, and the freedom helps the company and its employees grow faster.

The company spends a lot of time on the recruiting process because its goal is to find talented professionals who are excellent in their field and pleasant people to work with. Mancala recently created its own game studio, bringing the boldest ideas and most extraordinary slot game innovations to life.

From the initial idea to the artist's work to the math and development, it's all driven by a love and passion for games. This is how Mancala Gaming's new slot machines come to life.

Mancala's business partners are treated fairly and respectfully and offer innovative bonus tools to help them get the most out of their games and make their lives easier.

Although the company does not offer an extensive library of games, its slots are growing in popularity. After the fantastic success the company has experienced since its founding three years ago, several well-known online casino operators offer games from developer Mancala Gaming.

All Mancala games are adapted for mobile devices because they use HTML5 technology. This technology allows rich, addictive games to load quickly over low-bandwidth Internet connections so that they can be played on any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with a web browser: Android or iOS, Mac or Windows 10 PC.

The company's portfolio is divided into Classic Games and Premium Mancala Games. This distinction does not apply to slot machines or dice games. The Premium category includes 12 games, including Monster Thieves, Copper Dragon, Kings & Dragons Dice, Huge Catch Dice, and others. Mancala Gaming's online slots are also indistinguishable in their different versions: progressive jackpot slots and traditional online slots.

The 5×3 Casino Nights slot with 15 pay lines is in the classic category. The game has three bonus rounds, and the maximum winnings are 3060x. The design and sound design are on par with the premium games, and their pages offer excellent titles as "similar games."

As more and more studios appear, bringing their creations of love to the online casino industry space, we will always encounter different business models. This is not a rebuke. Some developers often release new themes for their old online slots to keep the momentum going, making this an underrated tradition for online casino players.

Mancala Games slots

The portfolio of the game provider has more than 70 online games, 30% of which are entertainment with dice. Most slot machines consist of five reels, and ten winning lines. The number is strictly fixed. The gambler can change the bet. The rate of return RTP in machines is 95%. That results from players who have decided to spin the drums in online entertainment Magic Crystal, Club Garage, Mechano Lab, etc.

Gamblers who have decided to play Mancala slots for free note several advantages of slot machines. First, a wide variety of genres: adventure, dragons, fruit, and mysticism. Against competitors, the online game Mancala stands out with a bright design and excellent performance. They work steadily and do not "hang" during the game.

Features of Mancala slots:

  • All Mancala Gaming video slots are available in demo mode. That is, they can be tested without making any bets for money. Virtual coins are used to run the reels, so the player loses nothing.

  • Advanced JS and HTML technology This means that the slots interface is adapted for any device: computers, smartphones, and tablets. The quality remains the same. All game symbols are displayed on the phone display.

  • Cool special effects. Animation slots are worked out to the smallest detail, and beautiful special effects accompany each spin and win.

  • The developers ensured slot machines were bright and understandable to players from different countries. Each slot has a language setting in addition to English and Russian, available in Czech, German, French, etc.

  • Return of the money to the player - 95%. Indicator RTP 95% is the "gold standard" among the licensed slots.

  • Variety of bonus features. In addition to free spins and jackpots, you can find additional multipliers, Wild, Scatter symbols, and risk games in Mancala slots.

  • Support for multiple currencies. You can put dollars, euros, rubles, and other currencies.

  • Reliable software. The company's gaming software is fully certified and does not contradict the current legislation.

From creative ideas to artists' work. From mathematical formulas to programming. You feel a true passion and love for gaming in every slot at Mancala Gaming. That's how new premium quality slot machines come into being.

Despite its short existence, the provider has created a solid portfolio and continues replenishing it with new releases of different genres: adventure, combat, dragons, zombies, vampires, and more.

Among the popular Mancala slots :

  • The playing field of House of Ghosts is designed as a mystical house. Once upon a time, this mansion belonged to an aristocratic lady. If the legend is to be believed, she was found dead one day. The player will have to solve the mystery of the haunted house and find the treasure, which left behind a mysterious woman. In the rotation process, the cells are gradually filled with symbols: hourglasses, ancient books, and even skulls. Also, in the video slot "Haunted House," there is a Wild symbol - the question mark. He replaces various icons on the playing field. The x2 sign leads to the launch of the bonus round. The gambler has to choose one of the cards. If it turns out to be older than the opponent, the winnings will be multiplied. Otherwise, the round will end early.

  • Noche Oscura. The original slot machine is dedicated to a popular Mexican holiday, "Day of the Dead". The platform has a standard design - five reels, three rows, and the number of winning lines reaches 10. Colorful skulls are considered the most profitable symbols. They bring the player the most significant profit. As in the case of the game House of Ghosts, the bonus symbol Vild looks like a question mark. The x2 sign opens access to the bonus round. There is an opportunity to increase your profits by tens of times.

Developer Mancala Games offers a wide range of slots with maximum winnings. Gambling fans will be able to double or triple their winnings.

Highest RTP Mancala slots

The RTP, or the percentage of player returns, determines the amount of money a casino or slot machine returns to its customers. Whatever gamblers play, RTP is an important term that all casino lovers should know.

Return to Player (RTP) is a term used to describe the percentage of the total bet that will eventually be returned to the player in a mandatory manner. But how can it affect the choice of the gambler?

In other words, RTP is about creating an advantage for the casino and, more importantly, for players, their chances of winning a certain amount in the long run. Knowing this figure helps to choose the best betting strategy because it significantly affects overall wins or losses.

Developers deliver slot machines to the market with a predetermined payout percentage. Often the value of RTP depends on the requirements of the regulator of a particular country and the mathematical model used by the developer. However, the percentage of RTP should be within the range established by the governing bodies. There are no machines with deficient levels because they are not allowed.

Mancala slots with the highest returns:

  • The Mancala Quest lot is made in safari style, with wonderfully drawn graphics and many bonuses. In the background, you will see images of the jungle, made by animation and playing with sound. You will hear the relaxing background music, complementing the game and helping to immerse and get the maximum enjoyment from the competition. The payout rate or RTP is 95%, which is a pretty good figure. In the game, there are two bonus rounds: a prize game and free spins. You can activate turbo mode. Then the reels will spin much faster. To learn more about them - read more in the paytable;

  • You must taste the game House of Ghosts if you love horror movies. If you fail the symbol "x2", you will also have a prize game. RTP-95%. In the case of a bonus, you choose your hero, and when you win, it can be multiplied by a figure from x2 to x32.

  • If you like 3D and Scandinavian countries with stories about the Vikings, you should try playing Era of Vikings. Appropriate music in the background will immerse you in the atmosphere of the harsh Scandinavian lands, and bonuses will give you the excitement and desire to play on favorable terms. 95% is the payout level, and if your character wins a battle, you can get a win with a multiplier of x32.

Gambling is primarily entertainment, but it also has a mathematical component. That is why players need to understand how to calculate RTP. This knowledge will allow us to make more informed decisions when choosing games and increase our chances of winning. Theoretically, it is easy to calculate the RTP of any game. The formula is relatively simple: the total amount returned to players is divided by the total amount played. Therefore, a high percentage of return does not guarantee the return of the total amount spent. Before choosing a Mancala game , pay attention to the raisings in the table and the percentage of winnings. In the bonus games that are part of online slots, high RTP values help influence the results. But reading and studying the rules before playing is essential, as this value can depend on many factors. Slots with 96.7% and higher RTP give the most significant advantage.

Slot machines were and still are the most popular casino game in the world. And the RTP is an essential indicator that a player must consider when choosing a game.

Bitcoin Casinos with Mancala slots

Bitcoin casinos have grown in popularity recently because cryptocurrencies are now available to the general public. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies have many uses, so it's no surprise that the gambling industry has also learned about digital currencies.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records transactions in data blocks on multiple computers. This means that it is virtually impossible to hack or tamper with the data stored in the blockchain. Thus, players can rest assured that their Bitcoin casino transactions are secure, whether they deposit or withdraw money.

Another significant advantage of using bitcoins for online gambling is the lower fees compared to traditional payment methods. Because blockchain allows direct peer-to-peer transactions, there is no need for intermediaries such as banks or payment systems. This reduces transaction fees, and players can transfer large amounts of money quickly, efficiently, and, above all, inexpensively.

Bitcoin is the first and best-known cryptocurrency. It was first launched in 2009 and has since become the largest and most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency for use in cryptocurrencies due to its widespread use and acceptance.

Bitcoin casino offers games from the provider Mancala. Players can choose popular slots and deposit in cryptocurrency. Your transactions are much faster than with a regular deposit.

Mancala slots in Bitcoin casinos:

  • Monster Thieves. The main characters of the slot machine Monster Thieves are mysterious creatures. They like to prank and hide various items that belong to humans. The main task of the gambler is to find these items, collect combinations of the same icons and get a solid cash reward. The game grid of Monster Thieves slot has a standard 5x4 scheme. Available at 1024 winning combinations, there is a Wild symbol. By the way, the "wild symbol" appears in all areas except for the first row. It replaces other characters in the game "Monster Thieves." In addition, the game has a scatter with a multiplier function that doubles the money earned.

  • Coco Tiki. Dreaming of being on an exotic island without getting up from your chair? It's done! Launch Coco Tiki from Czech video slot provider Mancala Gaming and your wish will come true! Coco Tiki is a hot summer slot with only three reels, rows, and five pay lines. Coconuts, cocktails, the beach, and the azure backdrop of the sea coast contribute to a pleasant relaxation. The game Coco Tiki has "wild" and other special symbols, free spins, and multipliers. On the drums, there are jellyfish, starfish and crabs, and other inhabitants of the water depths. The gambler gets a cash reward by gathering a combination of three of the same symbol. The gaming potential is up to x300 of the player's bet. The video slot "Koko Tiki" is characterized by medium volatility and generous payouts.

  • Mancala Quest. Another fascinating game from the Czech developer in the safari style with excellent graphics and an impressive number of bonuses. In the background, players will see an animated jungle. Mancala Quest gameplay is accompanied by pleasant background music. It perfectly complements the game and helps to have fun. The slot machine has a high payout of 95% and two rounds of prizes - free spins and a bonus game. Also, a gambler can activate turbo mode, and then all the reels will spin much faster.

Thanks to the variety of Mancala games, every fan of gambling. Despite its short existence, the provider has established a positive reputation. Partners of different companies are ready to conclude a contract for profitable cooperation with the company. Choose only quality manufacturers of online games.

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