Endorphina Slots Review In 2024

Have you ever wondered how much the entire worldwide global online gambling market is worth? In 2022, it was worth $63.53 billion, and it seems that the number will be even higher in 2023 once the data is released. It's estimated that in seven years, by 2030, the market will almost triple in size and reach $153.57 billion. That's huge and impressive, given that the industry of online gambling is relatively young and has become popular in recent years, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what's the use of this information in a review of Endorphina, a casino software provider? The idea is that it is a profitable market, and more companies will be formed to produce software for online casinos. It also implies that gamblers should be more mindful of trustworthy providers, as more slots do not always imply quality, particularly when it comes to new developers.

It's not to say that you shouldn't trust new providers: quite a few of them are great, for example, Octoplay, but you still should be picky as a consumer. So, about Endorphina: it's a software provider that burst into the industry in 2012 and is based in Prague. It quickly made a name for itself with its top-performing Endorphina slots and a commitment to innovation that sets it apart from the competition (which we will cover in detail in the features section).

Endorphina is not your typical casino software provider that has standard Endorphina games without anything special. It is no wonder: the provider has had to compete in this severe industry since 2012. What distinguishes Endorphina is its engaging graphic effects, an interesting bonus system that changes depending on the game, and the lack of fear of using innovative technologies to appease players.

What's even more impressive about Endorphina is its partnerships. Have you ever heard about such "heavy lifters" in the gaming industry, like BetConstruct and SoftSwiss? If you have, you understand that these are some of the best online casino platform providers, and Endorphina has partnerships with these two companies.

According to their official website, the company specializes in creating Endorphina slots on numerous topics, with bonuses, features, and other unique characteristics. Moreover, they keep updating their catalog, and truth be told, their filter system is quite convenient for those who want to learn more about the slots by Endorphina.

However, what interests most players is the games' enormous winning potential. Every time you spin the reels, prepare for a rollercoaster trip full of pleasant surprises. Moreover, Endorphina has something for everyone in terms of topics. We will explore this feature further in the slots section, but if briefly, Endorphina has special games, classic slots, and even horror slots!

Endorphina prioritizes player security, so it's not just about flashy slot machines with versatile topics and symbols. Endorphina has an entire department dedicated to testing whether slots are safe.

Moreover, players who play Endorphina slot machines won't endanger their personal and financial data (as long as they play at licensed casinos). The company uses cryptographic technologies, such as 128-bit SSL encryption, to ensure their games are safe.

Endorphina is one of the leading software developers in the industry for a reason: it keeps up with the highest standards of fair gaming. First, Endorphina uses random number generators and provably fair gaming principles to ensure the games aren't rigged.

Second, you won't find Endorphina slots in casinos with a fishy reputation. The company takes care of its reputation by not selling software to casinos without licenses and proper safety measures. Endorphina partners with casinos that comply with the laws set by numerous national regulating agencies for online gaming, such as the globally recognized Malta Gaming Authority.

Endorphina seems like a no-nonsense company, but it's important to check out what features and slots it offers before playing these machines. Thus, keep reading this detailed review to find out more about Endorphina's features, games, bonuses, and RTP percentages.

Endorphina Slot Game Features

It's pretty clear that all Endorphina slots are created by using the best technology. The collection of the Endorphina provider has tons of slots on different topics, including occasional releases for special events, like Easter and Christmas. All these machines have beautiful and well-developed graphics that load on personal computers and mobile devices.

But what is so special about Endorphina slot machines? Instead of becoming just like any other software provider, Endorphina decided to stand out and created special slots native only to this provider. The company has created slots with the following features:

  • Bonus pop slots.

  • Book slots.

  • Exciting graphics with innovative designs.

Now, let's dive into some explanations. What are bonus pop slots? These slots are the games with a popular bonus buy feature. If you've never heard about such features before, it's because not many providers offer them. If you're interested in a bonus game within the slot, you can simply buy your way to play the game.

Some bonuses are so good that players hunt for them to improve their winning chances. For example, if a game features a multiplier bonus, many players would want to achieve it first before proceeding and playing the game. While it isn't possible to reach the bonus when playing other games by different slot providers, Endorphina games have this function.

Some of the most prominent machines with a bonus pop function include the following:

  • Cyber Wolf.

  • Glory of Egypt.

  • King of Ghosts.

Thus, players can use this feature and skip the spinning of the reels process and jump straight to the slot's bonus game. However, you should pay attention to the availability of this feature in your country or casino that you use. Casinos can switch off this feature, so ensure it's on when you decide to play.

Book games are simply all Endorphina slots that start as "Book of…" and then the full name appears. The thing is that these "Book" slots are extremely popular among gamblers. Endorphina even has an entirely separate category on the official website that lists these machines as "Book slots." Currently, Endorphina has only three slots with the book topic, and they are:

  • Book of Lady.

  • Book of Oil.

  • Book of Santa.

What's so special about these book slots, you might ask? Endorphina uses a mechanism that chooses one symbol once the bonus game is launched, and it becomes the special expanding symbol. The name of this feature should ring a bell, as expanding is always good when it comes to slots.

In this case, if a gambler manages to get three or more of these symbols on the reels, it will start expanding until covering the entire reel and payout along all paylines. Yes, it means that the gamer wins big and enjoys great payouts whenever this happens. Thus, no wonder players enjoy this amazing feature.

And last but not least, it would be a crime not to mention innovative designs of Endorphina slots. First, Endorphina develops slots with 3D animation, and it shows. All machines have beautiful graphics, and the developers clearly pay attention to detail. The provider enables flashy effects and relaxing background music with occasional sound effects.

Suppose you play the machine called Royal X-mass. The game is extremely beautiful and has seamless animation. It contains pretty symbols, such as crowns, jewels, and other royal symbols. The game has a relaxing themed background music with sound effects whenever a player lands a winning combination.

What makes it special is that despite clearly having advanced graphics, slots never experience lagging or other delays. All Endorphina slots are like that; they are beautifully developed, with pretty symbols and the best graphics, and they never experience delays. Playing Endorphina slot machines is like when you watched YouTube videos the entire time in 114p quality, and then you switch to Full HD.

Endorphina Slots

As mentioned, Endorphina is a rather experienced casino games provider, given that it was created in 2012; that's more than eleven years of experience. This also means that this relatively long history gave the company a chance to produce more titles than other businesses in the industry. One thing is for sure: Endorphina has a very matching name since its slots are triggering endorphin production for more reasons than one.

Endorphina slots all have diverse topics, and, as mentioned, developers pay attention to detail. These games create excitement even if you haven't yet started playing and are merely waiting for the game to load.

For instance, a slot machine Book of Vlad in the "Horror slots" category has an interesting feature: when the game loads, instead of filling the bar with green, it fills it with red, as if it's blood: quite matching for the topic of the game, as it's about Vlad Dracula. The machine also has matching symbols, eery music that gives people chills, and even some background animation. But let's start with the beginning: slot categories.

The official website of the software provider has the following game categories:

  • Classic games. The picture indicates that these are all-time favorite fruity games. Some of the most popular ones include the 2022 Hit Slot, Wild Love, 3 Thunders, Fruletta, Joker Stoker, Hell Hot 100, etc.

  • Book games. These slots include the already mentioned ones in the previous section of this review. Interestingly enough, the Book of Vlad is not on the list, perhaps because it doesn't have the symbol expansion bonus and belongs to the horror category.

  • Animal games. Who doesn't love cute animals that help win games? You can follow funny pandas, friendly rabbits, and dangerous tigers while expecting fun gameplay. Some titles include Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, Water Tiger, Little Panda, Rooster Fury, Gladiator, And Others.

  • Horror slots. These are fun machines that definitely deserve your attention. Not many providers risk creating games based on horror heroes, and that's their mistake. You can play such games as the already mentioned Book of Vlad, The Vampires II, Minotauros Dice, Voodoo, 100 Zombies Dice, Dia De Los Muertos, etc.

  • Dice games. As the name implies, these Endorphina games require players to throw the dice. Still, these are slot machines and not table games, as one would expect. Enjoy such titles as Almighty Sparta Dice, Sugar Glider Dice, Little Panda Dice, Ancient Troy, Rooster Fury, etc.

  • Ethnic games. These titles are dedicated to the world's most beautiful and ancient cultures. You can explore the riches of ancient China when launching the Silk Road slot, or enjoy Indian culture in Goddess of War, Akbar & Birbal, and find any other interesting topics with amazing prizes.

  • Adventure games. The name speaks for itself, and you can enjoy adventures while winning pretty prizes. Some of the popular titles include Riches Of Caliph, Crystal Skull, Cyber Wolf, Around The World, And Asgardians.

  • Luxury games. When it comes to royalty, riches, jewels, and money, you can rest assured that Endorphina slots have something flashy to offer. In this case, something flashy means games with luxurious symbols and themes of money. Some of the titles include Late Night Win, Royal X-mass, and others.

As you see, Endorphina covers quite a few diverse topics while also ensuring that all games have beautiful symbols, distinctive features, and other attractive mechanisms that make these games stand out.

Other important things to mention include the interface of each slot. It's quite detailed and yet simple to use. Whichever machine you choose, you should be able to easily set the bet size, use the autoplay function, or consider the bonus pop mechanism to get to the bonus game.

Moreover, the autoplay is quite advanced as, unlike other slots, Endorphina enables 999 spins. Moreover, bet sizes are quite small, so gamblers can play without risking losing everything they have earned.

The average RTP of most games reaches 96%, which may not sound too impressive, but it's still higher than 95%, and it is considered higher than average. All games have special settings, bonuses, free spins, and extremely exciting prizes. You'll also be able to play immediately online, using both PCs and mobile devices. Naturally, all games are available in demo regimes.

Highest RTP Endorphina Slots

It seems that all Endorphina slots are made equally in terms of RTP: they all have the same percentage of 96%. This leaves us with describing the most popular Endorphina games because all of them have the same return-to-player rate. So, let's check out arguably the most popular titles by Endorphina.

Golden Ox

Prepare to go on a journey through Asia's hidden riches with the intriguing Golden Ox slot machine. This is one of the most exciting Endorphina slots, released for the Chinese New Year, and it gives players the opportunity to strike it rich in the heart of the Orient.

Golden Ox transports you to a world of richness and intrigue in Mandarin. Every element in this game has a specific meaning and will offer players good fortune as they spin the reels. The attention to detail is excellent, from gleaming gold coins to beautiful lotus blossoms and auspicious crimson envelopes, traditional for the Chinese New Year.

The action takes place on a grid with five reels and four rows, and there are fifty active paylines to explore. The beautiful Golden Ox, which serves as the Wild, is the headliner of the show. Except for the Scatter, it can replace all other symbols on the reels.

The Scatter is a Chinese golden coin. Land three of these coins to activate the Free Spins bonus round, which awards you ten spins to boost your wins. You can begin your adventure with as little as $0.01, making it accessible to all types of gamers.

Mongol Treasures

Mongol Treasure is a traditional 5x3 reel slot that transports you to Mongolia's mystical kingdom (not the historical one, but an imaginary one). While the regular spins in this Endorphina slot aren't the major draw, the true adventure comes when you trigger the bonus game, which requires a minimum of three scatters to activate.

When you see three Mongolian girls on the reels, prepare for an intriguing bonus game with book-like mechanics; this is where the magic takes place. Right from the start, you can select a particular symbol that will extend to cover a full reel. This traditional Endorphina expanding symbol could be the key to unlocking massive payouts and thrilling events.

Mongol Treasure also includes a special bonus risk game that can increase your earnings by a factor of ten. This is not your ordinary bet. The stakes are great in this card game. You are dealt a random card, and then you must choose one of the dealer's four cards. If your picked card has a higher rank, you will double your prizes. If they match, it's a draw, and you keep your original wager. However, if your card is lower, you will lose your bet.

Cash Tank

The name of this slot should already create some pleasant feelings because who doesn't like to receive a cash tank? It's a traditional five-reel slot game with a few amazing bonuses and additional features.

Pay attention to four sparkling precious stones, glittering gold cards, large stacks of cash, gold-filled bags, and the distinctive dollar sign. The real star of the show, though, is the wild symbol, a gleaming golden money tank. When it appears, prepare for some wild wins and action because it has the ability to extend to span the entire reel (yes, the typical Endorphina expanding symbol) that offers great payouts.

Cash Tank provides a balanced gaming experience, with volatility ranging from low to medium. This means you may expect a healthy balance of regular wins and the possibility of larger prizes. You can start placing bets with as little as 0.01 coins and go all the way up to a maximum of 100 coins every spin. In a single spin, you may strike it rich with winnings of up to 1000 times your starting investment.

Akbar & Birbal

As mentioned, Akbar & Birbal is a slot machine that focuses on the Indian theme. The player has to earn the prize, which is guarded by such warriors as the formidable Akbar and his wise companion, Raja Birbal.

This aesthetically attractive slot delivers both enjoyment and multiple chances to win big. It takes place on a conventional layout of five reels and three rows, with twenty paylines available to players. To win, matching symbols must land on active paylines, except the Scatter, and winning combinations form on neighboring reels, beginning with the first.

When it comes to the Scatter symbol, keep an eye out for Birbal. When you land three or more of these Scatter symbols in a row, you'll trigger the Free Spins round. This is where the real fun begins because there is no limit to the amount of spins you can win. Collect those golden Akbar coins along the road to give an added layer of excitement.

Bitcoin Casinos With Endorphina Slots

Luckily, Endorphina's presence in the industry for over eleven years means that many casinos have partnered with this slots provider. This also means that Endorphina slots are available in quite a few Bitcoin (or cryptocurrency) casinos.

Cryptocurrency casinos are truly the new shiny toy of gamblers worldwide. They help gamblers avoid restrictions and play their favorite Endorphina games by gambling cryptocurrency. The beauty of this method lies in hidden treasures, such as fast transactions and withdrawals. As many know, cryptocurrency doesn't rely on banks and central authorities to process transactions. That's why gamblers are more interested in gambling via cryptocurrency.

Some casinos that feature Endorphina slots cater solely to crypto enthusiasts and offer only digital money as a means to make deposits and withdraw winnings. Other casinos combine the best of two worlds and provide traditional and digital payment methods. Here's where you can enjoy Endorphina slots by depositing crypto:

  • Bitcasino.io.

  • bitStarz.

  • Fortune Jack.

  • Crypto Vegas.

  • LTC Casino.

  • BitKings.

  • Bruno Casino.

Overall, it's safe to say that most cryptocurrency casinos (and platforms that combine several payment methods) accept Endorphina slots. It comes as no surprise since this software provider has earned a great reputation in the years since its launch.

List of the best Endorphina casinos

These games are supported in the following crypto casinos:

Game categories Endorphina offers: