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Booming Games Slots Review in 2023

The team around Max Niehusen develops Booming Games casino games. The company was founded in 2014 and initially operated on the Isle of Man, but it is currently headquartered in Malta. The corresponding license was issued in 2018. In addition, there is a branch office in Berlin, although this is ultimately almost irrelevant, as many employees work externally from all over the world. The online slots and the Booming Games Casino software are completely developed in-house. This gives them the freedom of flexibility and allows them to implement the wishes and suggestions of the operators quickly.

The provider entered the market in 2014. In a short time, the provider of online games managed to win general popularity. It is really high-quality gameplay, with various bonuses and winning lines.

Booming Games is characterized by exciting game themes and innovations that appear at intervals and are inspiring. Once you have become familiar with the great bonus features of the individual games while playing, you will need help to focus again on games from other vendors.

The casino software uses a robust API (Application Programming Interface) to give operators the greatest possible freedom. This is not only to ensure a smooth implementation but operators are offered a complete office backend for setting essential parameters to monitor the machines during operation.

The entire portfolio of Booming Games games is programmed in HTML5, does not require any additional software or plug-ins, and can be played on most devices with a browser. The entire range is covered from cell phones to tablets and desktop PCs.

Booming Games slot machines are also equipped with several add-ons that will raise the adrenaline level. From mysterious jackpots to multipliers, there's everything to increase your enjoyment of the game. So it's no wonder that the best casino games also captivate you.

Although the company has not been around that long, Booming Games' selection of slots is impressive and covers all the essential themes.

Unfortunately, fans of Booming slots with progressive jackpots will be disappointed. So far, the provider has no jackpot slots, and there currently needs to be more information on whether such a thing is planned. However, since it is still a relatively young company, we should expect that the software will be expanded in the next few years, and then a network for progressive jackpots may be created.

Among the most popular Booming Games slots are Sugar Skulls, a Mexican Day of the Dead slot featuring colorful and cheerful skulls, and Lava Loca, set on a tropical island with nasty mask-wearing islanders. And Miami Nights, a reminiscence of the 80s. True to style with flamingos, neon palm trees, and low synth music.

As mentioned, you don't have to download the Booming Games software. The games can be played directly and immediately in your browser, which saves you time and also avoids cumbersome downloads. If you are trying out demos of Booming Games software, you should always pay attention to the license from the respective vendor.

What else defines a developer's software? An utterly smooth process with fast download times. So, if you are in a hurry, the best casino gaming software is perfect. In addition to these features, the software is also notable for excellent graphics, gameplay, and significant sound effects.

Booming Games' software is compelling. It's no wonder that top-class operators like Karamba and Royal Panda rely on the provider's popular games. The way to play is straightforward, so beginners and experienced players can get off to an equally good start in the games. There is no need to spend much time figuring out the rules and procedures; everything is intuitive.

Booming Games slot game features

Game developer Booming Games is one of the leading B2B game suppliers. With offices in Athens, Manila, London, and the Isle of Man, the game provider Booming Games is gaining increasing recognition in the markets of Europe and Asia. What makes this game developer special is that it caters to both B2B partners and players who use Booming Game Slots at online casinos to have fun and get big wins in real money. This article will tell you everything you need about the famous game developer.

Software developer Booming Games was founded in Malta in 2014. Since then, a team of game developers and SREs has been working to bring new online slot machines to the market. There are more than 60 Booming slot machines with a wide variety of themes and gameplay options. Innovative features, volatility, and excellent customer service have played a significant role in the growing success of the young company.

The developer of Booming Games has several peculiarities:

  • Booming Games has the highest possible level of compatibility. It was decided from the beginning to write all Booming Games casino games in HTML5. The only requirement is a modern enough browser to play the entire catalog. Cell phones and tablets are supported, as well as desktops, laptops, hybrid devices, and generally anything with a touch screen.

  • All slots are designed to be easy to operate with a touch screen and on small screens. If you're still looking for the right casino, check out Voodoo Dreams Casino. Mobile users get their money's worth here, have a great selection of games, and can make deposits and withdrawals from mobile networks.

  • The key to the best fast-paced gambling casinos is the bonus offered to you as a welcome gift at them. Providers offer attractive bonus amounts and extras such as free rounds and fair bonus terms that benefit professionals and newbies alike.

  • Booming Games slot machines have many bonus features that provide high chances of winning real money. But many online casinos offer special bonuses for their customers, for example—a first deposit bonus with real money, which can also be used for Booming Games slot machines.

  • In addition to the welcome bonus, you also get free spins. These are perfect for learning more about the range of games and finding your favorites before you start with your budget.

The Hold and Win feature deserves special attention. Booming Games uses it in various online slots, and Buffalo Hold and Win stand out as the best game. Hold and Win is a good response. Bonus symbols remain on the reels (Hold). The remaining images are adapted to get new wins (Win). Hold, and Win re-spins are always triggered until the bonus images run out. Players can see in advance that the recent winnings will land on the reels as they spin. It is not uncommon to Hold and Win with a multiplier pairing. High maximum payouts usually occur when you trigger Hold and Win Spins during free spins.

The provider guarantees many games with which you can try your luck on the reels. Casino games should not just somehow fit the general pattern but also stand individually and leave a pleasant impression. Looking at Booming Games' portfolio, you can be assured of quality slots with the maximum number of winning lines.

Developers put a lot of effort into their products, primarily geographically and thematically, creating awe-inspiring games so that playing games becomes even more fun. So you can also play a few rounds and enjoy the game.

Booming Games Slot is a leading young provider which has gained popularity worldwide. Fans of gambling games need to get quality content and an exciting plot of gambling games. Provider Booming provides total comfort and decent winnings to its players.

Booming Games slots

The gameplay of the slots is highly diverse at Booming Games. Each slot has a mix of standard and themed features. As a result, it never gets boring, and each slot feels unique. An excellent example of this is the "Danger Zone." This slot is thematically about mining valuable gems in a mine. However, in addition to the usual wild and scatter symbols, various sticks of dynamite are added here, capable of blasting away other characters or turning them into wild symbols. On top of that, there is also a free spins feature.

Some casinos offer free no-deposit spins as a bonus. You can use them to try out the slots in real money mode without betting your own money, and usually, you can even save your winnings and convert them into real money. Booming Games has come up with features that are more interesting for operators. For example, they can activate their bonus campaigns where you can set and adjust many parameters, such as for free spins and bonus rounds. Operators can also start multi-directional pay lines. They are then rated not only from left to right but also from right to left.

Booming Games has continually released new slot machines over the past few years. As of 2023, the manufacturer has 200 slot machines in its portfolio.

The design of the limits can be partially changed by Booming Games casino. The manufacturer specifies great ranges, so the video slots are equally suitable for amateurs and high rollers. Most games have high volatility, meaning it will take some time to earn a win, but then it will be relatively high. But the exceptions prove the rule. For example, Booming Seven Deluxe works with low to medium variance. It is worth noting that winning lines are evaluated on both sides of the slot. This feature can be seen in several of the manufacturer's places and is internally referred to as a variance pay line calculation.

Popular Booming slots include:

  • Surfin' Reels. If you want to surf the American beaches and treat yourself to a bit of vacation at home, you can have a lot of fun with Surfin' Reels. The experience is rounded out with free spins and stack symbols that provide more winnings with wildcards. A total of 20 pay lines await you here. But the slot also has a lot to offer visually. The slot is a great draw for many players with its unusual design.

  • Gold Vein. This allows you to search for a gold mine in deep layers of rocks. You can win on 20 pay lines with double symbols and wild cards. If you're lucky, you'll get all the gold at once. But also pay attention to the gnomes frolicking in the caves. They will help you win big!

The game manufacturer has always focused on high-quality slot machines. There are no other casino games from the provider. Booming Games does not serve the sections "Table and card games," "Video poker," "Scratch cards," and "Arcade games."

Booming Games is one of the comparatively newer providers on the market. The point is not to be seen negatively in the test. On the contrary, Booming Games has programmed all games in HTML 5 format from day one. The manufacturer's games are created for mobile play via smartphone or tablet. Booming Games games are compatible with all operating systems. So it doesn't matter if you own an iOS or an Android smartphone. You can challenge your luck in the casino apps on the go.

With various gameplay, Booming Games slots allow fans of virtual games to win at different slot machines!

Highest RTP Booming Games slots

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player and is a theoretical indicator showing the expected percentage of slot payout. It is calculated by simulating hundreds of millions or billions of playing rounds, so its value carries weight over large distances.

Today slots RTP is calculated by combining the total number of wins against bets and the internal advantage. Every RTP can be calculated in the same way. Of course, RTP is a theoretical idea designed to help you choose a casino game in which you have a decent probability of winning.

Thanks to the RTP, each casino user can get a payout at any time. To ensure the chaotic distribution of prizes, the developers of machines have introduced an additional characteristic called volatility. Thanks to her, the results of two separate segments of the spins in the same device can vary significantly. The user himself can not affect the outcome of the reels, which creates additional excitement.

Volatility is the riskiness of the slot machine. It is closely related to dispersion - the deviation of the actual result from the mathematical expectation, the role of which is the RTP. Volatility directly affects the frequency of winnings and their average size. For convenience, providers use three levels of riskiness.

  • High. Prize spins are rare, but their average size is relatively high. High-volatility slots will suit risky players.

  • Low. Payouts are frequent. Their size is noticeably less and often does not even cover the cost of the spin. Slots with low volatility will suit the users who want to stretch out the session as much as possible and not take risks.

  • Medium. The so-called golden mean in terms of frequency and level of payments. Slots will keep the balance and leave the chances for big winnings.

Volatility is not directly related to RTP, but there is a pattern between the two. The higher the payout percentage, the lower the average prize level. But sometimes slots combine riskiness and good returns.

Booming Games ' best slot machines have a payout percentage of over 97%. This means that only 3% of the income stays in the casino. Booming Games' best slot machines have a payout percentage of over 97%. This means that only 3% of the revenue stays in the casino.

Harvest Fest, with 97.10%, is about the big harvest and the upcoming harvest festival. Although the name is reminiscent of Harvest Moon, the theme here is Asian culture, so expect cherry blossoms and lanterns, not potatoes and pumpkins. Lotus Love also takes us to Asia with 97.04% and offers a rare risk game in addition to 50 pay lines.

Booming Games slots operate with a very consistent payout to the player. The payout rate of slot machines usually consistently exceeds 95 percent. Some of the manufacturer's slots significantly exceed 96 percent. However, very high values of RTP records do not exist.

All slot machines before release are tested in long-term tests by QUINEL testing institute, which determines the exact payout to the player.

All games at Booming Games are created by our team, from idea and concept to completion. No outside services are purchased other than the Megaways feature. The provider also provides casinos with a back-office program in which player actions in Booming Games can be triggered. Another plus is that the provider constantly develops new Bonus Spins campaigns that affiliated online casinos can use in their promotion segment.

Responsible gaming is of paramount importance in game development and programming. Booming Games is always concerned about protecting players. In this matter, the company cooperates with the professionals of BeGambleAware.

Bitcoin Casinos with Booming Games

Online casinos have been surpassed for years by innovation. An invention that is currently making a lot of noise in the market is Bitcoin casinos. In these casinos, the player can pay with digital funds using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Provider Booming Games provides games where players can pay with digital currency. You can make deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies. It's simple, fast, and secure!

The advantages of playing cryptocurrency slots are apparent:

  • Anonymity is one of the most essential key features of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency provides complete anonymity for users and online casinos. The only information that can be seen in transactions is the wallet ID of the two users.

  • We all know the difficulties in bank transactions. Sometimes it takes a few days for the money to be credited to your account. For people using cryptocurrency, the time-consuming process of bank transfers is eliminated. A few clicks are enough!

  • Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not tied to banks and therefore are not subject to processing fees. Although there are still cryptocurrencies that incur transaction fees, these fees are lower compared to bank transfers. Funds can be transferred directly without waiting for confirmation because no intermediary can process the transactions.

  • Using cryptocurrencies gives people the ability to protect their personal information. Most online casinos only ask for your crypto address and username to process transactions. Protecting your identity and other personal information has never been easier because of crypto transactions' anonymity.

  • Transferring funds is easy and does not require an Internet connection, as cryptocurrency can be accessed through a wallet. Your casino transactions can be easily processed if you have a wallet ID and username. You only need an internet connection if you want to receive your payouts.

  • Cryptocurrency can be stored as digital assets in different wallets. Digital keys protect these wallets. The best way to store cryptocurrencies is in a hardware or paper wallet.

  • Since there is virtually no jurisdiction over cryptocurrencies, there is more freedom and flexibility in their use. Betting using cryptocurrencies is much easier for players who travel or live in regulated countries. The introduction of cryptocurrencies into online casinos has made gambling more fun, faster, and fairer. You can play with more security and less hassle and open up a whole world of exciting gaming interfaces.

Crypto-casinos use currencies such as BTC, Litecoin, or Ethereum. These payment methods offer more anonymity and security than other payment methods. Players still need to register a player account with licensed Bitcoin casinos. Secure Bitcoin online casino sites rely on modern encryption protocols, such as 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, to protect customers' data.

A high degree of anonymity and data protection makes cryptocurrency very suitable for the needs of online casino players. There is no registration process with a bank or payment service. Registration is only required for cryptocurrency gambling providers, mostly Curacao casinos. Finally, security requirements, such as the protection of minors, must be guaranteed.

Anyone registering with a Bitcoin casino for the first time can get a new customer bonus. Bitcoin casino bonuses often include Bitcoin bonuses and free spins. Of course, the size of the bonus depends on the current rate of the cryptocurrency. The BTC bonus is credited on the first deposit. Below we have listed the best Bitcoin casino bonuses from our recent test.

However, before accepting it, players should always keep one thing in mind: the bonus's terms and conditions. They determine how often the bonus balance must be wagered in which games. If the condition is not met, the winnings cannot be paid. Conversely, only some Bitcoin bonuses are appropriate for some types of players. If the bonus fits your gaming preferences, you will benefit from it.

Provider Booming Games offers many slots to play at the crypto casino. You can always top up your balance with cryptocurrency and enjoy Booming Games slots. Choose your online games and win the jackpot!

List of the best Booming Games casinos

These games are supported in the following crypto casinos:

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